Jared glared murderously at Ortom’s naked body displayed before him He wanted to tear his limbs apart. Mary ran to her husband, hurriedly putting what was left of her cloth back on. She held on to her husband, standing behind him. No words were said but Mary knew her saviour had come. She would be delusional for the minute and believe Jared Stone actually came to save her.

Ortom sinister laugh brought the couple’s attention back to him, he stood up, flashing his bloodied wrist for them to see.

Jared turned Mary to face him, her back to Ortom

“You have to go now,” He said tenderly patting her hair, his anger growing as he surveyed the number of bruises on her skin, her wrists were bright red and the dried blood on them were beginning to peel off, she must have been badly injured

“No, I will not leave you. You can’t make me do that. You need help with him. I can help you distract him. He is an evil man, he does not deserv

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