Chapter 71

“How’s Edith?” Noah asks as he walks up to Faith and me. It’s been a few days since her stroke and there still isn’t much change. Though she woke up, she still looks like she is not completely there and it’s slowly killing me inside.

“She’s hanging on.” Faith answers for me, entwining our hands and offering me a supportive smile.

“Well, that’s good to hear,” Noah says, trying to make conversation as he sits at our lunch table.

I like Noah. He seems to be a genuine guy who thinks the world of his two best friends. Who doesn’t respect a guy who can put up with two polar opposite girls at the same time? Ever since the time we all hung out in Faith and Mia’s living room, he and I have had a new mutual respect for one another. One that I am certain will grow into a wonderful friendship. Which is refreshing since I really only have Faith.

Being the popular guy comes with a lot of things, one of them being lots of acquaintances but no

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