As soon as Morales settled down, he swept his gaze through the enormous hall building and saw that a lot of people were already gathered here.

Even as he came, others were also coming.

The hunting alliance already put everything in order before convening this gathering. From the most important warrior to the least important, even the mysterious Elder Lorrain of the Clifford family were all present.

Like before, Pirate Admiral Frenzy was the one who stood up to speak. He was seated alongside his fellow counterparts at the very front of the hall.

Morales eyed these seats.

With his current status as a Grade C- expert, if he revealed his real strength, he could easily become one of the higher-ups of this alliance.

Despite the fame and prestige that may follow, Morales was okay with being prudent. He already had his own plans in place for this mission.

To others, it was just about killing the necromancers and getting rid of a disast


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