Chapter 3. My past mistakes

Why you're interested in my life story?  Savannah asks Adam

I would like to get to know you!  Adam said


Adam chuckles...I told you mine so I was hoping you tell me yours!

Fair enough...okay, let me give you some snippets...

When I was 18 years old, I had my first boyfriend. He is older than me, around 5 years gap. We had been boyfriend/girlfriend for 5 years until I called it off. I was immature at that time. I was jealous and insecure, still a student. He hold a very important position in the bank. He traveled and brought her secretary cum teller. Words reached me that they are having a relationship, though he did not confirm that. I was mad as hell. I break off with him. I got married but not to him. He was devastated.  His family hates me.

After 20 years of marriage, my husband left us for another younger woman. Take note..younger woman. I left with my children and immigrated to California. Got a working visa and the rest is history. The story of my life...... You bored?

No, I am listening... go-ahead 

I had relationships, actually 2. I was busy working, paying credit cards, student loans, mortgage, and other miscellaneous expenses, they got tired of waiting. I missed the boat, it sailed already when I realized that, i tried to catch up then I remembered I dont know how to swim. Savannah burst out laughing, looking at the seriousness of Adam's face. 

You got me there...Adam laughs. I liked your sense of humor.

That was the real story, I just injected humor because you look so serious! Savannah chided.

I have a case scenario for you, maybe I could get your honest opinion. Savannah continues.

Okay, I am listening. Adam said.

This guy has been playing around with woman, he was married for many many years. He told a friend that until now he is still searching for the love  that he lost long time ago. Is this happening?  How can you play around when you have kids and a wife? He continues to have a girlfriend and the wife maybe just look the other way just to keep the marriage. Still searching?

For some yes... Especially if the guy was so in love with the woman and they got separated for some reason. This guy can not be content with his wife or girlfriend because, in his mind, why did she left me? Something was wrong with me. That’s why he was restless or maybe he was calling the attention of that woman so, she'll get back to him.....joke

I know you’re joking...

Do you think that woman is responsible for his behavior? Tell me honestly please... 

She is not totally responsible, he was part of it that he can't move on, he is so weak. Maybe falling in love with that woman is worth it.

Okay, I think we have to change the topic. Anything you want to share? Happy stories!

I don’t have many life stories to tell except I am moving on from the nightmare of my life.

I can feel your sadness, it shows in your eyes. Well, I hope you’ll be able to meet someone soon to make your life interesting and worth starting over again. Do you believe in destiny?

Yes, I do now. Adam responded looking directly in Savannah's eyes.

What do you mean, you do now? Savannah ask.

It’s secret hahaha... Can I offer you a drink? I think we can order wine, red or white? This is going to be a long trip and I am glad I am seated beside you. We can talk over a glass of wine. Adam said.

I only drink Moscato de Asti, but if they don’t have that, any red is fine. Savannah answer.

Adam ordered wine and they continued to talk about life’s experiences, good and bad, until Adam noticed that Savannah was dozing off. 

He put Savannah’s head on his chest so she would be comfortable. He looked at her admiring her lovely chiseled face. I will make you mine, kissing her forehead and caressing her hair. Goodnight Savannah, then he started to doze off himself.

Savannah woke up to the smell of food shoving in her nostrils by Adam.

Lunch is ready. Chicken or beef?

Chicken for me, can I order coffee?

I will call the steward... Can she have coffee with creamer? 3 and 3, please.

Sure, anything else, water, tea?

Extra water for me, please.

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