Chapter 7. Adam is your nephew?

While Ari and Savannah were in the middle of the ballroom, a tall guy from the entrance of the ballroom was watching them dance. He felt a dagger was thrown into his heart. It was hard to watch them dance the way Ari held Savannah in an intimate position. He had difficulty breathing. He went out for a while and breathed, then after 20 minutes he went back and whispered something to the person guarding the entrance of the hall. The guard went to Ari and whispered something. That time, Ari and Savannah were now seated at the table. 

Let him in and join us here at our table. Ben, please add another chair beside me. My nephew is here.

A tall guy is walking to the table with a wide smile and hugs Ari. 

Hi Uncle Ari, It's been a while.

Yes, it's been a while...good to see you, Adam.

Hey, Adam, it's you! Why are you here?

Yes Sav, it's me! How are you?

I am fine Adam... Thank you!

Did you know each other? Ari was surprised.

Yes, Ari. He was my seatmate for 14 hours. We chatted, ate, drank, and laughed the whole time we were confined in that aircraft.

I see...14 hours? Ari retorted.

Yes, 14 hours Uncle Ari. We bonded over those long hours.

Ari pulled Adam on the is Susan?

She's fine Uncle....

You're not here to visit me, you're pursuing someone? Tell me.

You're always five steps ahead of me. Uncle, yes I am pursuing Savannah. I liked her a lot.

Adam.... let us talk about this tomorrow. 

Sure, Uncle...

Then the music "The first time I've ever saw your face" is now playing in the ballroom.

Uncle, may I have the pleasure of dancing with your date? I was told that Savannah is your date.

Sure Adam...only one time.

Sav was talking to Chu when Adam approached and asked her to dance. For some reason, she looked at Ari, then he nodded.

Adam holds her hand and they proceed to the center of the ballroom. 

I miss you Sav.... Adam whispereded

Is that why you're here? 

Yes, I miss you so much!

Adam, let's continue to be friends. I am sorry that you traveled all the way from Tarlac for nothing. I am really sorry.

Are you dating my Uncle?

No...that's not the issue. I am not open to a relationship. I will leave soon. I don't want to get hurt and I don't want to hurt you. On second thought, I will have Chu look for real beauties who are looking. That way, your time coming here will not go in vain. How's that?

You mean, matching me?

Yes, that's what I meant.

All right then. Adam said you're the boss. Can I request something from you Sav?

Yes, what is it? 

I have looked up to Uncle Ari since I was a child. He is a good person. This is the first time he brought a date on this yearly military ball, I was told.  He did not even brought his deceased wife to attend this event. His colleagues and friends were surprised when he announced that he had a date for tonight's event.

Why are you telling me this ? We are not even dating? What's going on?

I don't know Sav, there's something that in it. Did you meet him in the past?

Savannah was speechless. No, I haven't met him.

While Adam and Sav are dancing, Ari's eyes are focused on the two. He felt so jealous of his nephew, spending 14 hours with Savannah on the airplane.

Meanwhile, a group of military upper class just entered the party. They are directed to General Ari, being the high-ranking officer and the host.

Ari was able to think fast, an opportunity for him to cut in and get Savannah from Adam's embrace. As his date, he will introduce her to his colleagues.

Sorry, Adam, I need Savannah. I will introduce her to my colleagues.

Ohh that's okay Uncle, I'll see you later Sav...lunch tomorrow?

I can't, I have errands, I have to go to the municipal office to work on the documents of our properties. I will be busy tomorrow. 


Yes, rain check. By the way, where are you staying?

He will stay at my house or in the resthouse? Where do you want to stay Adam?

Your resthouse Uncle, If I may?

Sure, Adam, you're my nephew.

Stay Adam....we will have dinner with Sav later.

Okay, I will wait. Adam said.

Ari grabbed Savannah's hand then proceeded to the private dining room. His colleagues are waiting for them. 

Adam settled himself at the table then started chatting with Chu and the rest of the attendees.

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