2. Confrontation

It was finally noon, and I wasn’t ashamed to say I have been avoiding the new guy like the plague. It was not an act of cowardice, mind you; I just needed time to prepare myself for the confrontation which would be coming soon. I was retreating to strike harder, just like a runner who takes a few steps back to jump better.

Besides, let’s face it; girls were surrounding him all the time like vultures or bodyguards, I couldn’t decide – though I thought it was rather the former. And for once, I was not disgusted by their behavior, I felt actually grateful.

I entered the cafeteria and instantly felt uncomfortable with all the unusual staring I earned. I bought my food hastily before heading towards the table I had become now used to.

There, I found a blond-haired guy with green smoldering eyes who was approximately my age. He outstretched his hands when he saw me, and I put my tray on the table before hugging him tightly.

“We have lunch together?” I exclaimed happily.

“Yes, isn’t that cool?” He replied cheerily.

“It’s more than cool! It’s freaking awesome, Seth!” I cried out, contented against his chest.

He chuckled softly and was going to say something before we heard a deep weird noise that sounded somehow like a growl.

We moved apart before staring at the glaring raven boy.

Argh, Jonathan! I should have guessed. 

Can’t a girl have a break or something? I didn’t even do a thing to have him on my back –metaphorically speaking, of course! I inwardly sighed.

“A friend of yours?” Seth asked me in a soft tone, his voice dripping with affected politeness.

“Uh-uh,” I instantly denied while sitting on the chair opposite him. “Just ignore him,” I added calmly, giving him a “don’t-ask” look.

Seth just shrugged before sitting at the table with me, whereas he stood still, clenching and unclenching his fists for some time before saying in a hoarse voice, “We had history together!”

Huh? My mind went blank for a second before I realized he was talking about the class. He sure has a way with words, I internally mused.

“That doesn’t make you my friend,” I told him flatly, chewing idly on my slice of pizza, not even sparing him one glance.

It almost surprised me how easy it seemed to speak with him that way. Though I wasn’t one to be rude generally, I just couldn’t help it with him, it seemed.

“I spoke with you,” he said, irritation taking over his features.

“No, you spoke to me, and I ignored you!” I answered him, using my sweetest voice while throwing him a pointed look.

He huffed angrily before leaning to me growling the words, “You hugged him!”

“I know him,” I answered him straight away, outraged at the unjustified accusation.

“Dude, back off!” Seth’s voice was soft, but the warning was quite clear behind his words.

Jonathan glared at him briefly before spitting out a venom-coated “I haven’t addressed you.” He then turned back to me.

That last sentence did it. I slammed my hand on the table, got up, looked him

dead in the eyes, then asked him icily, stressing out each word, “What is your problem?”

He didn’t get the chance to answer me because a shriek came out from behind him, “Oh Johnny, here you are!”

I looked at the blonde girl rubbing her hand seductively on his arm. She was wearing an outfit that screamed slut; a pencil skirt and a strapless top two sizes too small with lots and lots of make-up. Just so happens that she’s the captain of the cheerleaders. Yeah, I was studying in land stereotypes… please note the joy.

“What do you want?” Came his calm drawl as he looked at her quizzically.

“You promised you would sit with me!” She whined, pursing her lips.

“Yeah? Well, I forgot.”

Was it just me or did he just sound annoyed?

Oh no! She’s so not going to like that.

“How could you forget me?” She paused before adding with disdain, “and go after this!” She finished, pointing at me and eying me as if I was scum.

I simply rolled my eyes at her, not bothering to answer. She was just too silly sometimes.

“Did you just activate your bitch-mode?” Seth taunted her, smirking.

“Oh, screw you!” She spat out, her eyes spitting fire.

He chuckled then told her calmly, “No, thanks. Been there, done that,” he paused before adding in a voice dripping with sarcasm, “on my first day here.”

She huffed dismissively –though her cheeks caught a slight pink shade– then stormed off dragging away – and I was glad – a confused-looking Jonathan.

“I still cannot believe you did her,” I told him, still laughing after her retreat.

“Even I don’t!” he choked on his words, barely managing to get them out correctly in between his chuckles.

“But that guy is so weird,” he said calmly after getting under control his fit of laughter.

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

He was weird, irritating and troublesome. I didn’t need to get the sexy new student’s attention.

Wait. I did not just say he’s sexy – I mean, I might have but I didn’t mean it like that.

It’s just that he is sexy all right, I’m sure everybody thinks so… and let’s admit it, I would be a fool to say otherwise, or blind to think differently; but like hell am I going to tell him that!

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