5. We Could Try That

His clouded eyes were fixed on the wall and he was still taking deep breaths. Was he still angry at my little outburst? Well, tough!

“I don’t have all day.” I mumbled, getting more frustrated with each passing second.

He briefly glared at me then his eyes softened a notch. “You know about me,” he stated flatly.

I nodded, silently pleading with him to continue. The sooner he spoke, the sooner he’s off my back, the better.

“You do not challenge an alpha,” he started absently before adding in a slightly ironic tone “It’s not wise. Not wise at all”

I sighed before confessing in a low voice, “I didn’t know you were an alpha-ultra… till it was too late.”

“I could have killed that friend of yours!” he exclaimed, half guiltily, half angrily.

“You wouldn’t dare!” I instantly regretted the words when his cold eyes settled on me before he told me in a somehow haughty tone, “Oh, I would dare.”

My eyes widened and I bit my tongue trying to keep myself from lashing out at him again. We don’t really want a replay right now, right here, at the school, do we? That was the sensible side of my brain talking. My passionate side was shouting at me to let my tongue run free and many other things too.

I averted my gaze, dampened my lips before telling him in a calm voice that almost surprised me, “He’s a dear friend. You wouldn’t do that to me.”

“As long as that’s all he is, I wouldn’t lay a finger on him.” His tone was one of matter of fact… yet there was the faintest sheen of possessiveness that I could almost taste on my tongue.

That was all it took to get my bad temper back on the road.

“You absolutely have no say in the matter. I’m not your property here.” Do not go all judgy on me, will you? I wasn't using crude words nor was I shouting. That had to be a good point, right?

I saw his eyelashes flutter almost imperceptibly whereas his jaw went instantly rigid. He was probably clenching his teeth really, really hard. He eased his hand on the wall and closed his eyes, and the deep-breaths ritual started again. It was getting too annoying for my liking.

“Hey, listen…” I started but he cut me off, rudely shushing me then ordering in a gruff voice, “Give me a minute, ok?”

“But…” My protest was swallowed by his angry voice. “Damn it, girl. I’m trying to calm myself here. Do you want me to leap at you and make you mine willingly or not?”

I gulped down in fear and could almost swear hearing him mumble something like: “Didn’t think so”. But I was too engulfed in my thoughts to take the bait of that unconscious taunting. I remembered what my brother used to tell me about werewolves, how they can lose control on their inner selves – their wolves. How they get this huge urge to claim their mates as soon as they meet them, because they fear the loss.

And I did not want to be claimed. Therefore, I obliged and shut the hell up. “Look, I’m not trying to control you or anything” He started after minutes of utter silence “I just want to get to know you. I need it really bad.”

I opened my mouth to argue but then couldn't since his index came to rest over my lips, efficiently shushing me, as those delicious little tingles began spreading all over. “I’m not gonna pressure you into anything. I’ll wait.” He told me seriously, and I could almost feel the sincerity behind his words. “I did wait for fifty years. One more, one less, who cares?” He finished jokingly and even smiled at the end. But it appeared fake, forced and extremely unconvincing.

He obviously did care.

“We could start as friends.” He suggested, looking so hesitant I was starting to doubt his status. He was an alpha-ultra and they were supposedly confident, dominating, commanding respect, and all that. But just then, he looked almost vulnerable.

I shook my head inwardly at my silliness; I was trying to see things where there were none. Averting my gaze from his devastatingly good-looking features, cursing myself for when I thought he wasn’t strikingly handsome, I felt a shiver of anticipation run through my spine and almost blushed at my body’s reaction to his.

Damn those hormones making me so… so hot and bothered, to say the least.

“We could try that.” My voice came out low and slightly hoarse and I inwardly sighed at that. He didn’t need to know the effect his nearness had on me.

“Good.” He beamed at me; his face lit up with a breathtaking smile that made me gulp to ease my dry throat. My lips twitched when I tried to mimic his. But, with all the willpower I had at that very moment, I could barely manage to crack a small nervous smile. He didn’t seem to mind, seeing as his smile didn’t falter.

He was going to say something when the bell rung, and I blew out a breath of relief. There was only so much a girl could take. I hurried down the hallway, trying to get away from his captivating charisma, his luscious lips, his scorching gaze and his oh-so-tempting body – I really did not want to fall for him. I knew he was on my heels, though, following me to my next period – our next period. And I felt somehow secure knowing he was there, right behind me.

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