28. The Execution

Although Thomas shifted just a few feet away from me, and was growling like there was no tomorrow, I wasn’t feeling as scared as I thought I would be. Having come close to a rape-slash-death experience with the rogues a few weeks ago, I had truly expected, when this whole trial came into perspective, to be more afraid – I suffered from enough nightmares to prove the incident wasn’t behind me yet… but then again, I knew no harm would befall me.

That said, I was frozen to the spot in fascination. Blake The Troublemaker was making a show of his obvious superiority. As the five-feet-something brown wolf attacked, teeth bared, seeking blood, he dodged with ease and swiftly kicked him in the gut, earning a surprised yelp. The kick sent the werewolf crashing against a tree which creaked loudly in protest and then broke, making him fall back in an ungracious heap. A low growl was heard as Thomas straightened and then lunched himself again at Blake who, just l

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