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The moment his chopper landed, he climbed down from it without any delay he moved in. Since every guard of his security is in dead sleep he walks into his garage.

He starts his one of the best motorbikes, its roaring engine shook everything around it. With a smirk over his face, he slides down his helmet's glass to drove out to follow the GPS.

He is furious at the same time proud that his wife is a true worrier.

Unaware about anything kashvi, she is driving her bike at twenty-thirty speed because the road is not like highway roads, it's freaking mountain road which usually is very narrow with twist turns.

And in dark it's getting more difficult for her to drive, she doesn't want to see herself falling in the valley so, being a smart woman she chooses to ride at slow speed than rushing high.

On the other hand, the devil is a pro in driving in mountains. He is coming near to kashvi without her knowledge.

" Just one more turn of this road .. kashvi and you will be again under my mercy," he said to himself speeding up his bike.

kashvi was frightened by the sudden coming voice behind her. she saw the coming light of a vehicle behind her with a vroom vroom sound indicating that it's a bike. bike ran past her with speed causing her to sighed in relief.

" For a second I thought that it's him " kashvi mumbled to herself, literally tried to ensure herself.

She couldn't see the person since that person was in a helmet however, that fact couldn't hide the same dark aura which her ruiner has. She took a turn and was imbalanced when she saw the same bike standing in the middle of the road and the person leaning on the bike seat resting his hips on the seat.

She put brake and horned but he didn't move not even an inch. In anger and irritation, kashvi put her bike on the stand and climb down but didn't turn off the bike.

She walks in the direction of that person. she was at a half distance when it clicks her that the person's body appearances are familiar.

Sweat drops kick her cells out to shiver her in horror, with trembling limbs she turned her head to look at her sides. On her left, there is a deep valley and on her right, it's a forest. 

She can't go back not pass him since he has blocked the road.

The person removed the helmet to reveal his face causing Kashvi's eyes to go bigger and round in confirmation that he is non-other than the same person whom she is assuming to be.

" Got caught again! " Man said to her with a knowing anger hidden smirk.










" Means, you are not ready to give me any chance. Don't make me force you kashvi because if I step in my real colour then with you, your whole family will also witness its shades " he said causing my heart to throb in fear.

Bloody fucker! 

" I fucking knew it! You haven't changed a bit. Still trying to blackmail me. Do the fuck you want I am not going to kneel before you. I haven't done it before, I won't do it this time either " I said pushing him away from me causing him to fall on the floor as he was kneeling before me. 

" I didn't mean to do that. I am frustrated with myself. Can't think straight from the time I got to know about it... Leave it. Please kashvi just one more chance, I promise I will change your and our kids' lives for the better " he pleads in the same way I had imagined him to be when he had hurt me in those four months.

Without thinking and caring about anything I laughed with my whole heart. It first time that I am happy and satisfied with the things which happen in my life.

He stared at me with a confused face. Squeezing my hands in his he tried to speak but stopped when I showed him my palm before anything.

" Did you recall something from this? The time when I was your captive I have begged you the same as your current situation. Did you hear my begging that time? No! Then I wouldn't. See table is turned, now I am the one who has more power than you " I told him holding my tears back so as not to break into tears.

I may be looking happy nevertheless, his pleading face is something that breaking me from inside. The irony of all this is there is no peace in my heart. It's kind of like head and tail both are in his clutch.

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Colleen Lundquist
Is this story just a very bad translation??

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