Chapter - 2

Kashvi's Pov.:-

I am sensing wringing the neck in breathing. My ears ringing by the continuous sound of beeping.

Struggling to open my eyes but they are feeling weighty to open them. After several failed attempts I opened them to instantly closed them back within a seconds after opening them.

Due to sudden lighting over my eyes which blocked my sights and pulled tears out from them, it blurs my vision for a while.

In the meantime, my body cried in pain. My lungs region is aching seems like its ribs are not anymore guarding my chest organs.

I opened my eyes in fear of being dead but when I opened them only the white wall, silently beeping room welcomed me.

I tried to move my neck and face to look beside me but I couldn't move an inch as pain build up in my head causing my eyes to be watery. I am laying on the bed like my body is stuck to it by glue.

She being half-dead form, I observed myself. I am laying on the hospital bed and my both hands are attached with some IV wires.

About my legs. I am not feeling them seems like they are dead or not anymore my body part.

But the suspicious thing is that What I am doing here? Why I am in this condition?

My head started to pain more. The more I wonder about my condition, the more pain raises in my head.

The beeping sound echoed in the room and soon some white coat wearing people gathered around me while my all sense went numb. I could see that they are saying something to me but I couldn't hear anything.

My eyes closed no matter how hard I struggled to let them be opened and be in my sense but I failed to cope with the consciousness and lost with the sound of beeping in my ears.





" Kashvi ... Kashvi !! " Someone called my name. I looked at him but I am unable to see his face.

" Who are you? " I asked him to which I heard in a hushed voice " your hubby ".

" No you're not and you can't be " I shout while throwing some papers on his face.

He caught the papers in the air and said " it's true, you can't run away from reality ".

" No no. it's not true. You are lying to me " I shout and ran away from him with tears in my eyes.

Suddenly I fell into an unknown green valley where I saw a very beautiful waterfall. the moment my body hit the ground, I stood high on my feet to reach the river.

As I was thirsty I knelt at the edge of the river to take water in my joined palms to drink it.

Before my hands could touch the water I was throwing away from it into the trash.

I dust myself in process of getting up and asked " why you did that? I was just drinking water let me have it ".

That invisible soul said, " no you can't have this holy water because you are tainted. You are a sinner. You will taint this holy water's purity ".

Saying this that soul pushed me away and my body flew in the air.



I opened my eyes with a jolt panting and gasping for air. Sweat drops over my forehead are evidence of my frightening. hell, that was one of the horrible nightmares.  I coughed while mumbling " water " to no one.

Someone handed me a glass of water and helped me to drink it after gently lifting my head a little up. I gulped it slowly letting the water's coldness soothe the dryness of my throat and mouth.

" Thanks " I breathe out with difficulty without looking at the person.

" How are you feeling now? " I heard a very concerned voice but harshness in this manly voice couldn't be hidden from my ears.

I looked up at the man. He is one of the beautiful specimens of this earth. Finding myself lost in his grey mysterious eyes for more than necessary, I remind myself that I should break eyes contact because he is a stranger to me.

" Who are you? " I asked him to which he raised his eyebrows in questioning at the meantime intimidating me with them.

I swallowed hard when he suddenly shouted " doctor " while massaging his forehead with his two fingers and a team of 4-5 white coat wearing humans rushed inside and bowed in front of him.

He didn't say anything but stepped aside giving space to them still watching everyone. One female doctor came to me after her other also followed back. They checked me with sharing anything words.

I was startled when suddenly that female doctor asked me " hello mam! How are you feeling? "

" I don't know but my body is paining too much and It paining more when I inhale. Especially my  *Throat clearing*  My feminine part " I said to her feeling redness on my cheeks of my timid behaviour.

" Okay. Do you remember what had happened to you yesterday? " She asked and here I became mute when I tried to remember because I don't remember anything. Not about myself. Only air came out from my rounded shaped shocking lips.

" Don't stress yourself, it's just medicines effect. You will remember everything soon! " The doctor said putting pressure on soon word.

" Okay, that's enough! let's go wifey " the same handsome man said while removing IV nodes from my hands gently at a rapid pace after harshly pushing the lady doctor away from me.

But as I don't know him and especially my sixth sense is not trusting him and warning me to go away from him. So, I slapped his hand away and moved back to hissed in pain with my head spinning to pull me back in a memory flashback.

How I came here in this condition.


he tore my upper dress's straps and pulled it down. I shout for my dignity, self-respect, purity.

" Help! Please somebody help! Mom! Dad! Bro! Kabir bro! *Sob*







No !!!!! " I screamed from the top of my lungs.

I felt his weight lift causing me to check my emotions. I opened my tightly closed eyes and cleaned them with the back of my hands for better vision. I see him going to his office table while throwing his suit's blazer in the way and opening his shirt's buttons in the process.

In a flurry, I pulled my dress's straps and primary fixed them to hang on my shoulder for a little while till I escape from this den.

I removed my heels rapidly and stood to grab a glass vase from the table which was in the middle of the couch. it can be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, he bent down to take out something from his table drawer.

Taking it as a good opportunity to attack. I ran to him with a vase high in the air, in my tight grip. I slap it with the complete power of my body to bang it on his head as hard as it could but he smoothly stepped low to save his head.

In a surprise, the vase flew away from my hands to hit the floor. He furiously turned to me.

Wildly walking to me, he holds my hair in his hands and pulled them. In protest, I  grab his hand in both hands to free myself.

" Leave me you bastard because you will regret doing anything sinful to me. Let go of me. I will kick you behind the bars for harassing me " I hissed at him.

But he mocked me with his smirk so, I spit on his face. He closed his eyes and as I had assumed that he will free me from his grip by getting disgusted with my spit over his face.

But he again surprised me by smirking. He pulled his face in my neck only to rub his face over my dress to wipe away spit from his face and tore my primary working straps again with my bra and make me upper naked before his hungry eyes.

He took a sharp breath eyeing my bosoms. I pulled my hands over them to hide them from his lusty eyes and here my condition goes more miserable because I don't know how to save myself from him.

He pushed some papers on the table and pulled me before them to see them clearly while he stood behind me after freeing my hair from his hand.

My head is touching his moving up and down chest region. He took one more step towards me and stick his front on my back body just like my second skin.

I gasped with taking sharp intakes of air when he forcefully slides away from my hands from my bosoms to massage them with his rough long-fingered hands.

My sense lost themselves in unknown pleasure. His fingers doing some spells to my body that's why it getting weak and weaker as his fingers run and squeeze more my cleavage.

I closed my eyes and my head lazily rest over his chest when weakness ran in my system due to unknown pleasure passing in my nerves to make my active brain foggy

" Huhmmm " I moaned hard when he pinched my hard nipples while massaging my tits in the process.

His face ran down from my head to my ears. In this process, he ran his bearded chin over my side forehead to my side neck fanning his hot breath over my ears giving me goosebumps.

" Sign them," he said pulling me out from whatever world I was in. I wiggled in his grip to make him angry because now he painfully twists my tits to make me cried in pain.

" Leave me  *Sob*  You punk, pig, spineless creature, son of a bastard, motherfucker " I was cursing him when suddenly he harshly banged my front body on the table.

My nose hit hardly on the table. Everything around me became numb. I can see from the side of my eyes his moving lips, his furious eyes.

He pulled me up by my hair and in the process, I inhale a lung full of air in my lungs through my mouth. My olfactory nerves became active again.

" Did you understand it? Never means ever say anything shit about my mother. Got it. " He shouts at me being furious with the fact that I called him motherfucker.

I swallowed hard but didn't show any response giving a reaction.

" Now sign it babe " he again ordered me pushing me towards the papers.

Unknowingly to me, my eyes moved on the papers which were on the table. I read them further and in curiosity.

" It's ... It's ... It's " I only gasped in horror. Why he is doing this?  I have met him today itself then why does he want this?

" Yes. It's marriage papers. Sign them and I will also sign them after you " he said while rubbing his nose tip over my naked shoulder making me shivered more in horror.

Blood is running from my nose but still, I dared to shout " No! I wouldn't sign them. No one on this earth will marry a guy like you.

I even don't know your not even your name, nothing about you. Who are you? Why do you want me as your wife? What is your motive? Why I am here? "

" So you are not going to sign them !? " He asked in his threatening voice over my bare shoulder.

" Yes, I won't " I spoke out my words.

" Ahhh " I hissed in pain when he twists my hands behind my back and due to this, my face banged on the table since he was standing behind me and I was facing the table.

After standing beside me. He too lay down his head just before mine making eye contact with mine furious eyes

My horror-filled scary big ruby eyes looked at him. His eyes are too close to mine, they are terrifying me to pull my sanity out from my body and go crazy in fear before him. His eyes are dominating me to kneel before him and accept him and his conditions.

" Is your answer is still the same? " He hushed holding my eyes in his.

" Yes," I said with arduous as my body is paining due to his manhandling.

He pulled my hair leading me to stood on my feet. Swinging his rough hand before my face he slapped me one after another. I even didn't get the chance to hiss or cry or shout.

Impact of several slaps numb my cheeks. My ears numbed with my body with his every deafening slap. I am not at all surprised because his furious expressions had told me about it beforehand.

Like a dead woman or lifeless body my head just fly side to side due to the force of every slap.

My battered body falls when it no longer could hold my body in the right form.

My breaths lost their correct rhythm causing me to gasp for air. I just let my warm battered shivering body engulf the coldness of the floor into it.

" Is still stuck to same words? " He again asked to which I again nod my head as yes while mumbling " yes ".

" What all this huh. ?  Why are you so stubborn? behaving like a bitch ." He hissed at me in anger. He is looking furious and frustrated with my behaviour and it's my turn to smirk because it was worth watching.

But it didn't last long when he pulled out his shirt and made me wear it and carried me in his arms. As I was battered therefore I didn't protest, just behaved as dead.

He sits on the couch with me over his lap. He encircled his hands around my waist forming a tight possessive grip around it.

His proximity terrifying me. I don't know what is cooking inside his head. My self-respect holding me back from asking him anything regarding his next move.

Why does he want to marry me? if wanted it then there were many other ways. Instead of standing marriage proposal he kidnapped me and now forcing me to marry him.

Moreover his this mysterious way of marrying me and abducting me giving me the wrong vibes. It caused my heartbeats to run at a wild pace.

The door was unlocked by him through a remote. I eyed that remote like it's the only marvel of God on this earth because it's the only thing that can pull me out from this hell.

Someone came inside I looked up in wonder. I gasped with hands over my mouth to mute my terrifying cry.

Because my driver is standing in front of me in two bulky men's grip all wounded, blood is dripping down from his mouth and his clothes are all tainted in his blood. His condition is pretty broken, poor him. He is looking in pain but still, he dares to look at me with pity and concern filled eyes.

Yes pity, concern for me, I am just a stranger for him but still, he showed this affection towards me. This act stole my heart.

" Look baby doll, if you won't sign these papers then say goodbye to this guy's life " this evil man hushed over my ears.

My ears shoot high in activeness as blood flow rushed in my ears when his words meaning pulled shivering in my body.

I moved my head to look behind me, as I moved my face, our faces came too close to each other's so I moved my face a little away from his face. I looked at him to see if he was serious or not?

He nods his head and mumbled, " I am serious ! ". I looked ahead of me when I heard a painful shout from my driver.

Both the bulky men are beating, kicking and punching the driver without any mercy. I tried to reach him to save him from them but as this man has caged me in his grip I couldn't do anything apart from crying and witnessing.

" Your cry wouldn't help him nor save him baby doll. If you want him to be dead then sit here ideally like a heartless woman and watch. " He again hushed over my ears. 

" Please leave us. I haven't done anything to you and him. This man has nothing to do with me or this matter. Why are you pulling him into it " I shout at this evil man?

" Sign these papers or say bye to this driver's life " he again hushed over my ears. I cried for being helpless also in furry of being blackmailed by this man as he was taking advantage of my kind nature but at last, I nod my head as yes for signing papers.

He waved his hand to signal them to go out not before handing him marriage papers from the table and again here room locked.

Psycho passed me papers and gave me a pen to sign them as I have already read them. So I signed them and after me, he too followed the same procedure stamping his signature stamp.

I tried to read his name from his stamp but as it was in cursive writing with twisting words. I didn't get his name apart from the W-word.

" See it was not that hard," he said gently pushing me away from his lap to make me sit beside him. He snaked his hand around my shoulder causing me to shrink in fear.

I swallowed hard and moved my wet tongue over my dry trembling lips.

He rubbed his nose over my neck. ' Kashvi stops him and runs from here ' my mind said to me due to this my eyes went towards the remote which was resting over the table before me.

I nervously moved my tongue over my lower lip to calm down my shivering nerves and to pull myself in my senses.

He is lost in his work. Only God knows what he is finding in my neck. He started to open my shirt's buttons putting my heartbeats at a wild marathon. I clenched my fist tightly to hold myself back from banging his head on the table. I let him do that while sitting ideally trying hard not to punch him.

" I have a boyfriend," I said to him to which he stopped and rushed his eyes before mine to see the truth in them.

" And I love him. So I don't believe in this marriage. Please let me go. I promise I won't tell anyone about it " I lied to him because like hell I won't tell it to anyone.

First, let me go out from here then I will put you behind the bars for harassing me you dog!

He smirked causing me to look at him nervously and walk in the direction of his table. I looked at him keenly while moving my hand towards the remote. At the same time, I stood on my feet slowly.

After successfully grabbing the remote in my hold. I tiptoed and reached to my freedom door. I look back at the psycho. He also turned around at the same time and looked at me when I looked at him.

Everything ran like a supper past forward play. I pushed the button and soon I ran out from it with no more stupidity.  I saw him threw some file away from his hands and ran after me but he slipped and fall in the catching process.

This was a plus point for me. I reached the elevator. I jumped inside it with a victory smile and pressed the ground floor.

but seems like I rushed so soon to conclude it as my victory because the elevator's door is not closing. I again pressed it. It's again not closing.

I repeat it several times but failed miserably. Tears of fear run down my eyes.

I heard his Boots banging sound on the floor. I mute my cry and ran out from the elevator to the staircase region. I walk down the stairs and then turned to climb down the next staircase block but when I looked down through the gap in the staircase. I saw a team of Guards running upward to reach me.

I went back trying to find someplace to hide. My eyes again caught his office room because apart from it there is nothing closed area where I can hide or escape.

I stepped inside it only to found it vacant. Praying to God for my safety I hide under his office table.




After 15 minutes:-

I am still hiding here. I put my hands over my mouth when I heard heavy steps sounds reaching near me.

He walks inside with several people behind him. He rests his hip over the table while his legs are on the floor.

Meanwhile, his team stood before him in attention.

" Sir we have looked every corner of this complete building. Mam is nowhere to find" one man said.

As I am hiding under the table and he is resting his body lazily over the table so I couldn't see his expressions but all the men left the room silently after bowing their heads to him.

The room's tensed silence is intimidating me, it's scaring me till frightening. Suddenly he tapped the tip of his shoe over the hard floor causing my heart to jump out from my mouth in horror.

" Come out baby doll. I know you don't have a boyfriend. The one whom you were talking about is your best friend who is acting like your boyfriend only to protect you from the unwanted attention of boys who were behind you after seeing you single. " He said still tapping the tip of his shoe over the floor which is a frightening soul out of me.

" Come out baby doll. It's our first night today. I promise if you came out before three then I will be gentle to you " he again said but rather to obey him I just swallowed hard my fear down

I thought ' who will be gentle on whom. Time will tell it. Only for once, I catch my freedom from you then I won't show any gentleness on you while giving you the punishment of your deeds. I will kill you with my bare hands !  you sick bastard! '

He count ... " 1 .. *tap* .. 2 .. *tap* .. And last *tap* 3 "

" Ahhhhh " I shout in terror when he suddenly bent down and pushed his face towards mine through the gap of his crossed legs.

In reflex reaction, I crawled back to slide out under the table. We both stood face to face with the table in between us.

He moved to me, I moved opposite him. He ran to me and I ran away from him.

I reached again at the couch area. He looked at me. His naked chest is heaving up and down showing his furious attitude.

" KASHVI stop at your place if you don't want to welcome more trouble for yourself " the way he shouts my name caused me to shiver as goosebumps jolt up in my skin. When my ears caught my name being shout from his mouth. An unknown electrical spark of frightening rushed into my system which blocked my all senses to do any work.

He moved to me and hold me by my hand causing me to push him away.

" Please leave me. I don't want this. I don't love you. I even don't know anything about you. Please let me go. You are scaring me. Please let me go " I plead to him while joining my hands kneeling before him.

But he is a psycho just knelt before me and hold my joining hands only to plant kisses over them.

His act makes me spit on him in disgust.

That action of mine took him off guard causing me to take advantage of it. I hit him on his head with my heels which were on the floor to slide his face in another direction due to the impact of the strong hit.

I moved away from him but he clutches my leg causing me to fall on the floor flat by my front.

Due to this my nose again banged on the floor to make blood flow out through it. For few seconds I became unconscious due to pain.

But I didn't get the time to cry for this pain because my body was pulled by the psycho to let it lay flat on the floor by my back. He claimed on my body while I just concentrate on my nose pain which I assume to be broken now.

He pushed something hard and thick inside my vagina in one go which broke something in me which was my hymen.

Unconsciously I shout in pain " ahhhh . It's paining *Sob* Maa! *Sob*  Papa! Bro! Please somebody save me from this devil  *Sob* It's paining !! *Sob*  "

" shh! It will go soon  " He hushed over my ears still forcefully jamming his manhood inside me.

He tore my complete clothes to witness my naked body under him.

He sized my body's each part while roaming his hands over it causing me to cry more over my one stupid decision.




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