Chapter - 4

Kashvi's Pov.:-

I was planning about my escape when he walks out from the bathroom only in a towel around his waist showing his v line clearly plus hard chest, well build-up six-packs.

My eyes moved up to his upper body where I noticed some tattoos, especially on his chest.

He has a beautiful body which every man desired and let me tell you boys sweat in the gym for such a good body however, here what is the use of it, in reality, he is an animal.

His strong buildup self kind of intimate me to freak out with the thought of what he is up to?

He is ample in my direction at the edge of the bed where I am sitting causing me to freeze like a statue in my place, no movement, no breathing, nothing!

Bending down to reach my level for coming face to face. He chins up my face to take hold of my eyes in his.

" What are you thinking? " He asked in a husky yet answer demanding voice.

" Nothing," I said lowering my eyes so that my eyes won't betray me by spelling truth to him through them.

" Good! Want to have a shower? " He asked me still holding my chin by the two first fingers of his right hand.

I really want to clean myself as I am stinking in this devil's odour which giving me a sick stomach and I really want to puke on his head to let him know what he is to me. Just a shit!

" Yes," I mumbled with moving my head up and down.

He moved back to retain his previous standing self.

I was expecting him to say something but I think he believes in actions more than words. Therefore, soon I found myself floating in his arms.

There is a proud and satisfactory smile on his face when I didn't protest to letting him carry me to the bathroom.

Everything spined around me the moment I balanced my body on my feet.

I hold my head ready to welcome to hit my body on the floor, however, before that could happen I was embraced in a strong promising hold before more bruises could show their presence on my body.

" Kashvi ... Hey! .. kashvi " I heard him calling my name with lights pats on my cheeks which literally caused me winched in pain.

With a lot of effort, I opened my eyes to see his concern, worry, fear-filled eyes. He is looking tensed but would it hurt or worried me the answer is big No! ... Rot in the hell, you bastard!

with all my efforts pushed his body lightly to free myself from his disgusting self which does nothing good except to give me a sick feeling in my system.

His facial muscles harden when he observed a disgusted expression on my face which was only for him.

Here again, he lost his sanity in aggression. He twists my jaw in his hold causing me to cry.

" Ahhh! My jaw is already broken, you moron! Can't you see it's already in very damaged condition? What more do you want to do with it? Want to apart it from my face or what? You blind! " to release my frustrations and pain I yelled at him.

Meanwhile, he just looked at me with adoration in his eyes with a little smile over his face, enjoying whatever I was screaming as like I was singing his favourites song for him.

His magical fingers again spell their magic over my aching jaw. I moan in relief when I felt pleased with his thumb running over my jaw and cheek while blowing air over my bruises. It kind of soothes the pain or perhaps it is just an allusion of mine.

My furious eyes shoot daggers at him when he took advantage of my zoom out condition by stealing a quick peck to which he showed me his innocent teasing smile.

" Come your bath is ready," he said and started to open my dress which was nothing but a hospital gown.

He was fast in his moves causing me to go all terrified and nervous. Due to all the bad proximity which my brain showed me I sweat like a pig.

Before I could speak a word he walks behind me to take a hold of an upper string of my gawn.

He opened it in a second and moved his hand to do the same with others. As I was hell terrified with flashbacks of his horrible deeds before my eyes. A panic attack is not letting me say to him simply ' leave me alone or stop it '.

I don't know when my gown touched the ground. Cold air touched my body bringing goosebumps which caused me to hug my body in an instant of shame and consciousness towards my virtue.

My ears twist a little bit in action. A frightening shiver ran down my spine when I felt his breath fanning my back. I closed my eyes in fear with a tight fist still hugging myself.

" Huuuh " I gasped when I felt something soft yet wet on my back. soon I realise that he is planting kisses on my back causing me to shake more like a leaf.

He rests his hands over my shoulders causing me to shrink down in fear with guarding up my head with my hands.

" Please don't do this now. My body is paining " I was pleading to him in panic when he came in front of me to make me stand properly and pulling my chin up to look at my face.

" Do what? " He teased being aware of the fact that I lost in the pretence of showing strong self.

Why is the need to pretend strong?  Because if by any chance I show him how much he affects me by his all means. Then after that, he will take advantage of it for sure.

" I want to take bath so I believe that at least here I can have some privacy " completely changing the subject I said to him after calming my raging nerves.

" I don't think so, that you need any privacy from your own husband," he said putting more pressure on privacy word as a direct indication that he is not going out and I have to bath in his lusting presence.

Not knowing how to kick out his aversion presence from this bathroom. I thought to obey him and let it pass convincing myself with the thought that he has no eyes to watch me.

After watching me struggling in walking. He helped me in settling my body in the jacuzzi.

" Ooow " I moaned in pleasure the very moment my body was embraced by warm water. It woke up my all numbed lazy nerves. My fatigue muscles relaxed in the water. I closed my eyes and rest my body in it for a short nap completely forgetting about the predator's presence who was watching me.





I opened my eyes with a jolt when I felt my body is being carried, my someone.

I looked at the culprit. He showed me no reaction only an emotionless face.

He placed me on the stool and opened the chamber to take out a clean towel from it.

He dumbed the used towel in a small window for the laundry room, after cleaning my body. I bite my lips when I recall that I don't have anything to wear.

' how I am supposed to run away from here in my naked form ' I wondered and saw my all running plan burning before my eyes only to turn into ash.

All stupid hallucinations of my escape failure and digging in grave came to halt when he made me wear his clothes.

Yawning in the process with heavy eyes. I fooled him with that show that I am sleepy.

We both lay down on the bed. I being a hostage in his hold with my head resting on his naked hard chest.

However, his body warmth my cold body but I don't like to be around him not even in the same room and air then why I will like being in his arms.

I waited for his breath to turn steady at a calm slow pace.




I successfully freed myself from his arms as his hold loosened around me signalling about him being in deep slumber.

I quietly climbed down from the bed with steady buried feet without making any noise.

After tiptoeing towards the door. I twist the door handle showing its lock and lock as a password digital one that demands a password or fingerprint. I huffed in failure. I looked around in the complete room in search of something helpful and here it is.

I reached on his side table where his cell phone was resting in its all glory.

I took it in my hands. My hands are shaking no not in fear but nervousness. I opened his phone as it didn't have any lock.

I walk to the corner of the room so that his sleep won't break and he couldn't see me or hear me.

As I don't remember any phone number of my relatives so, I dialled the emergency number. It's ringing but no one is answering ' where are all these police officers ' I cried in horror.

I again dialled it and this time a man answered it saying " hello kanki police station ".

" Hello .. hello sir please help" I was saying when my cell phone was roughly snatched away from my hands only to hit the hang-up button.

My body danced in fright when I saw his ruby furious face. I literally felt red steam coming out from his ears and nose.

His chest moving up and down clearly saying that he is controlling himself not to hit me.

Meanwhile, tears of hope scatter are running down from my eyes. I weep without caring I am showing him my weak self, my emotions because sometimes you need to cry to stay strong rather than cope ' I am strong ' expression.

but how the heck I didn't hear him waking up from the bed and reaching to me. is he a vampire or what? then how he reach to me without no noise.

My weeping came to a stop when his phone ranged  " Fuck ! I will come back to you after this " saying this he attended the call buying officer over the phone in his lie that, that was a prank call.

He and the officer both fought over the phone for good 15 minutes. He cut the call while saying " say goodbye to your job you son of a bastard "

Without adverting his eyes away from his cellphone he did something in his phone for good 10 minutes meanwhile I, I waited to welcome his furious warmth.

He placed his phone back in its previous place.

" What was that kashvi? " He asked in his deadly voice without turning to me to pass fear in my system. he is still standing before his table.

My body can feel the coldness of his words to me which make goosebumps arise again as a shiver ran down my spins.

I hugged my body... " I.. I... " But no proper excuse formed in my mind.

" I am asking about your boldness kashvi not about calling the Cops," He said and turned to look at me.

He is several steps away from me but still has the power to make me pee in my pants by intimidating me.

" Come here," he said while laying on the bed, moving his finger to signal me to come to him.

Like a scared kid, I move my baby steps in his direction and reach near him.

' what more he can do? .. he can only fuck me or kill me nothing much ' I thought

He pulled me over himself and make me lay flat by my front over his naked body. He has only his briefs on.

He sticks me with him by holding my waist firmly letting my body feel his hard strong body under it.

He plants a soft wet kiss over my forehead and sighed.

" Stop behaving like a small kiddo kashvi!  Behave like a mature woman and accept me before I lose my sanity and do something ungrateful to you which I will regret later " he said in his warning voice.

' ya like you haven't done anything ungrateful to me yet! ' my brain mocked in sarcasm way.

" one more thing don't try to do such a stunt again because this time I am letting this matter pass but for next time I am not bound to any promise to not taking strict action against you. Therefore think wisely from this time before doing anything " he said with running his fingers in my aching hairscalpes.

Not having any energy in my system to respond. I just closed my eyes to drift into a deep sleep.




*Beep* *Beep*

My sleep broke by continuous irritating sounds. God knows from where it's coming. I don't know why but I am feeling hell lazy even to open my eyes but still.

I climbed down from the bed and moved in the direction of the sound. I opened my eyes in the process to see it's coming from the door.

I twist its nob and it opened. Wow! miracle !!! Note the sarcasm over my fate by me.

" Good morning mam. Sir has ordered me to help you with bathing and in other pieces of stuff. If I am not disturbing you may I welcome to step in " she asked politely with a trolley beside her.

I stepped aside while looking at the bed for any trace but no he was not there.

" Where is he? " I asked in a rough voice as my throat was dry and sore.

" Sir is not here," she said and I couldn't hold myself back from running into the whole room with a joyful smile and singing .. " yes yes.. now I am free .. ahh "

Forgetting everything about my wounds. I jumped on the bed to moan in pain when my nose hit the bed.

I heard a beautiful laughing sound and I forget my pain to be lost in the beautiful helper's smile. I saw myself in her free laughing.

I was also like her but now nothing is the same but I won't let him win by losing my true self. I will stay strong and fight back till I am alive.

Something clicks in her and she closed her mouth with her hand resting over it  " I am sorry mam.. I.. I " she started to apologise in her shuttering voice but I stopped her showing my palm.

She lowered her head but she smiled in my direction when she heard my words " no need to apologise for being your self "

" I am going to take shower and I assume that you won't step in my privacy," I said to which she steps back with nodding her head to let me go.




I came out of the bathroom with rob around my body which was smelling in that name same man even the shower jell has his smell.

I need a different bathing jell. I will get it.

" Mam here are your clothes," she said giving me a complete tour of my clothes closet. There are four cupboards with four chambers attached on their both opposite side.

And just say they all are stocked in new fashionable clothes from traditional clothes to Weston.

" Here are your clothes from formal to comfy. This is your footwear chamber. it's a makeup booth and here are all the necessary pieces of jewellery" after completing her task she clapped her hands with a high sigh.

I just looked at the massive complete filled wardrobes shockingly.

" It's insane " I breathe out in shock looking at the complete wastage of money.

The helper steps out from the closet to let me get ready myself.



I came out wearing a below-knee length Navy blue gown with no jewellery, no makeup.

" Umm, I didn't get your name. what's your name? " I asked her.

" Estaa Vaman " she replied.

" beautiful name and I am " she didn't let me complete my words.

" I know your name mam. You are Ms Kashvi Arora. The famous woman in our country " She said giving me hope in my heart that she will help me in my escaping plan.

But I can't ask her at this moment because before asking any favour from her I need to know about her character like how loyal she is to him?

" Come mam it's your breakfast time " saying she escorts me to the royal dining room.

I silently did my breakfast observing my surroundings.

" Mam sir is on the line, wants to have some words with you, " estaa said to me with that she passed me the cell phone.

I hold it near my ear but didn't say anything, only my breath could be heard.

After some seconds he said " I know you're online so speak up damit "

" What do you want? " I shout in irritation clearly showing him that I too have attitude. Can't he just leave me alone to have some moments in peace?

I heard him taking deep breaths  " no good morning, nothing... Huh! By the way, I am coming in the afternoon for lunch so prepare it for me and I assume that you're now fully in proper healthy shape so you won't face any difficulty in cooking for your lovely husband "

' lovely my foot! cooking for a husband like you my foot. yes, I will cook poison for you ' I killed him in my head.

" I don't know cooking," I said in a little voice.

" Lier! Stop lying kashvi, I know how good a cook you're! So, drop this playing around the act. You better obey my command and make ready lunch before my arrival " I heard him saying.

" Yes, I lied. why I should cook for you? Who are you? You are nothing but a black spot in your family name, a bloody coward, a manic nothing more but a spineless creature who deserves nothing but hate " I shout at him angrily.

He cut the call without saying anything causing me to look at the phone with dagger throwing eyes.

Estaa passed me a napkin causing me to look up at her in confusion because I am not getting it why she is giving me a napkin.

When I didn't show any movement she rubbed the napkin over my cheeks gently to clean tears away.

Heck! ... I was crying till the time I had answered the call.

" Mam! Please don't mind me but it's my free suggestion to you. please if you really want to go out from this hell hole. so, just pretend for a while to obey his every command and sorry to say but according to me you're in big trouble " estaa said with a pity face.

" How .. how do you know that I want to escape from here? " I asked her getting panic because what if she vomits out everything to that evil man.

" It's very obvious mam. No woman wants to live in such a way you are ought to live here, all cage in this hell " she said while roaming her eyes around the room.

I nod my head understanding her words.

" Will you .. will you help me? " I asked to which she nods her head.

" Really? " I asked her in surprise as I am not believing it that how come she agreed.

She again nods her head.

" But mam it's impossible for you to escape from here as this building is all in under the eyes of approximately fifty members squad.

Also, you are not allowed to go out from this floor to any " she said.

" I will soon get the right to wander every floor of this building. By the way, how many floors does this building has? And what is your boss name? " I asked her.

She gave me a look which clearly says that she doesn't believe me like how come I don't know my own husband's name but he is not my husband !!!!!

" This building has completely eight floors and we are on the fourth floor.

And I also don't have any idea about his name mam because he never came in this building before yesterday and I was hired by this building's butler " she answered.

" But mam... Right now the main focus is how you will escape from here? " She asked but sorry to say I don't trust her completely so I just shook my head as no and smirk in my head for my plan.




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