Chapter - 10

Author's Pov.:-

The next morning came. Sun rays rushed in through the glass window, penetrating the glass. Sunlights warm the Cold freezing room. Twitting sounds of several birds echoing in the sky, in the forest. the song of their twitting rushed inside the dead silent room. A Cold, numb battered body of a woman is lifelessly laying on the couch. Her fingertips are cold, they are white with slight blue purplish colour due to lack of blood flow in them.

Her face is pale, dried, emotionless yet beautiful. Her breathing is very low than normal ones, her body is covered under a sheet but it fails to keep her warm. This poor soul is non-other than kashvi, her finger curled up fisted hands are near her chest with curled up legs near her chest.

She had balled herself to keep herself warm and save herself from freezing but that wouldn't work as planned.

The door g

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