7 - More Confused Than Ever

Dinner was awkward, but Zach tried to make the best of it, I could tell. He had a small table brought into the room and we sat on the edge of the bed and ate. He made small talk about different things going on in the pack, mentioned some of the top people I should know. He talked about our house and how excited he was to show me, he wanted to take me to see it soon. 

He was really trying. He was doing everything he could to make me comfortable. And yet I was sitting here fantasizing about jumping him. Thinking about what was under his clothes. Wondering if we were in fact staying together in this room tonight, and I was pretty sure I already knew the answer. 

I was so ready to hate him, I wanted to hate him. I hated that I couldn’t hate him. Fuck this was so confusing I couldn’t stand it!


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