2. David's Girlfriend, a friend or a foe?

When David and Natasha done kissing. She hug him again. David eyes planted on Dawn standing in the back. He couldn't see anything in Dawn eyes, it's completely blank and expressionless. He keep staring Dawn but he give up easily when he saw Dawn lips keep shutting. He wanted to kiss him right now.

[What? Argh--his lips is tempting me to kiss him. Are you out of your mind, David?] He said to himself.

"Secretary Lewis since when you standing there?" David asked him but Dawn doesn't want to answer him, his lip keeps shutting and no words cams out from his little mouth, instead Natasha Silver faces Dawn.

"Is he's your secretary? He's the one who lead me to your office. He's been here." Natasha's answered on behalf of Dawn. She thinks that maybe this guy is didn't dare to speak since he knows that she's is an popular celebrity?

She is Natasha Silver, the popular model and celebrity. She's only daughter of Silver family, both of her family are in the celebrity industry. Her father is popular actor and CEO in Silver Entertainment, her mother is popular singer. Natasha's is kind and innocent. She doesn't know anything about David past.

Dawn also knows Natasha Silver. He knows that this woman in front of him is a popular celebrity.

[They are so careless.]

"He's beautiful can I have him instead? I wanted him in my entertainment. He's gonna be popular model!" Natasha said. David eyebrow crossed. Wht he fell irritated when Natasha want him?

"Secretary Lewis would you come to my entertainment?" Natasha asked Dawn because she notice that Dawn is not paying attention to them. She really likes Dawn.

"Sorry?" Dawn answered, Natasha smile to him then said.

"Would you like come to my entertainment and become celebrity or a model?" Natasha said. Dawn met David eyes. They keep staring each other in 5 seconds.

"I'm sorry Ms. Silver, I have already forget about chasing my dream long time ago and now. I don't want to think about it anymore." Dawn answered Natasha. He escape in David gazes and bow his head then said.

"I'm living, I have works to do. Feel free to stay Ms. Silver." He said before he turned his back Natasha run towards him. She hold his hand with her card contact number.

"Please, I won't give up on you. Call me if you change your mind alright?" Natasha said. He accept her card contact number then nod his head. He touched Natasha's hair.

"Alright, I'll contact you." He answered, he bow his head again then leave inside the office without met David gazes. He straight go to the private comfort room then face himself in the mirror. He couldn't hold his tears until now. He feel hurt, really hurt. He wash his face using the water to less his worries and tears on his face, then face the mirror in front of him.

"Damn--hold yourself together Dawn. He's nothing but your boss now. Don't let your guard down. " He said to himself in the mirror. He said that but he keep losing his composure everyday.

"Dawn are you okay?" He felt shocked when he heard voice on his back. It was Yami, his beast friend. He knows it, the moment he notice Dawn reaction.

"So I can only see this other side of yours huh? Geez--you crying again?" Yami said, he walk towards Dawn then he hug him. Dawn couldn't stop his tears anymore. He cried really.

"I want to give up." Dawn said, he cried. His heart couldn't take the pain, it's piercing him straight to his heart and it's continue breaking.

"You sacrifice and through a lot until now, then you wanted to give up now? Let's finished the contract, after that I let you do whatever you wanted." Yami said, but Dawn cried again then agree to his friend said.

"Stop crying. Pull yourself together Dawn. I'm here, I won't leave in your side." Yami added.

"T-Thank you, Yami." Dawn answered, he's lucky that Yami is his friend. He's the one who can understand him and feel comfortable with when it comes to this kind of matters. He will listen to him until his worries fade off.




Three days later Dawn silently working on his table disk. Everyone doesn't want to disturb him since he's spreading his dark cold environment. He's not find at all, he couldn't forget about the kiss happened between David and Natasha three days ago. He can't think straight. His friend, Yami is worried about Dawn. He never wanted to see Dawn like this again but it's happening.

While working someone close his eyes using his bare hand. Everyone eyes winded.

[He's dead.] everyone thinking while staring the guy on Dawn's back who close his eyes.

"Who?"  Dawn asked in cold tune, he hold his hands then----viola-- he's mouth shut then slowly a smile drawing on his lips. He maybe know this person. He slowly feeling the hand of this person on his back. How could he forgot? This person is special friend of him.

"Lance?" Dawn asked again he stand up Lance let go of his eyes then he smile. then Dawn face the guy on his back. Dawn give him smile when he saw that he was correct, it's Lance Whiskey, his friend and David friends too.

"Long time no see. I've missed you so much." Lance said then he hug him. Everyone in the office feel shocked except Yami that is confused. Why this person is too close to Dawn. He never mentioned that there was another guy in his past. That's why, Yami is completely clueless right now.

While Lance and Dawm hugging each other. Dawn saw David walking towards them. He is from outside, he just arrived with Lance but seemed like Lance is too excited to see Dawn again, he leave firt before David.

"What the hell are you doing to my employee, Mr. Whiskey?" David coldly asked Lance. Dawn let go of the hug then Lance just smile a little then let go of Dawn.

"I just missed him. What's the problem with that?" Lance smiling to David. He knows that David is angry at him. But he doesn't care anyway. He only missed his friend no more or less. David face Dawn, gives h cold gaze. 

"Secretary Lewis, go get my document proposal on my disk we have important meeting in Whiskey Company." David said, they battling in the eyes. Dawn eyes is expressionless in front of David. David gives him cold stares. But Lance and Yami could feel it, they throwing thunder from their gazes to each other. Not only Yami and Lance, everyone could feel it too. That's why, they stay in their reaches. They don't want to gel involved. They loves their jobs more thab anything, they don't want to get fired.

"Why are you still standing here?" David added. Dawn feel irritated but he bow his head instead.

"I'll go get it now, Mr. President." Dawn said, he gives excuse gaze to Lance then Lance only gives him smile. As he walk in David office, Yami worried as he staring his friend's back walking away from them.

"Mr. Smith please accompany Mr. Whiskey to the conference room. Bring document with you." David order Yami that shock him. This the first that David actually gives him orders. But even he wanted to refuse him, he can't say no to his boss. David is still the boss of the company where they are currently  working.

"Yes, Mr. President." Yami said, he knows that David wants to get him away from Dawn but for what's reason? He only bring bad memories to Dawn and hurt him several times. He can't let David to that to his friend.

As he agree to accompany Lance, they saw David walking away to go back to his office. "Damn--" Yami whisper but it's clear as a wind, Lance heard it. Lance knows that this guy Mr. Smith is worried for Dawn. There's no way that he doesn't know anything about David and Dawn past. He can tell just from Mr. Smith reaction. 

"Shall we go? Mr. Smith." Lance asked him. He only nod his head as an answer. While they are walking in hall way. Yami thinking what's the relationship of Dawn and Mr. Whiskey because he made him smile while ago.

[Are they ex lover or something?] Yami asked himself.

Yami's knows that Mr. Whiskey has appointment meeting with David but he doesn't know that this person actually close to his friend, Dawn. But still, he can't think straight. He's still worried for Dawn.

"Are you worried for Dawn?" Lance suddenly asked him that actually made his heart jump out of his chest. [How did he knows that?] Yami asked him self.

"You're easy to read Mr. Smith. Just now you think how did I know that? Yes." Lance said again. Yami feel embarrass.

"Do not worry. David won't hurt him. " Lance said for sure. Yami was silent because of what Lance said. Although, he still didn't know if he would trust David for Dawn. He know everything, there's no way that he keeps calm.

He trusted Dawn but not David. He knew what Dawn had been through since then, that's why he didn't want Dawn to experience that again. He didn't want to see his friend get hurt again because of the same man, a same person.

"Not that I don't trust Dawn. I just don't want to see my friend hurt again because of a man." Yami said softly. Lance fell silent again.

When they arrived at the front door of the conference room Yami opened the door for Lance. On the other side, Dawn was busy to find the proposal documents that David orderes him to get inside his office.

[Where is that damn contract?] Dawn asked him self. He couldn't find it.everywhere. But he sure that David said that the document was on his table.

While he was busy searching for the document, David entered inside the office. Dawn notice or didn't hear him, so he freely to touch Dawn's back.

His hips got smaller and he was even more sexy. Dawn's skin is naturally white and smooth. Only now, that  he has realized that five years have passed. Nothing has changed in Dawn's body except that it just got more beautiful and become more sexy.

Dawn felt someone staring at him so he immediately turned around. He was surprised because David was there and he didn't notice when David enter inside. He was nervous when he saw David's eyes go down on his body, so that he could check his whole body. Dawn swallowed hard.

[Why is he's checking my body?] Dawn asked him self.

“M-Mrpresident the document is not here. Are you sure that it was here? "Dawn broke the silence before something happen. He succeeded, because he got David's attention. Dawn Immediately made his composure and face David seriously.

David walked towards to him. He was nervous so he wanted to avoid David but it was too late. David already reach his arm and pull hin to his body. He's eyes winded. His heart almost jump out ftom his chest. Something make a loud sound from his heart.

[No--this is not right!] His brain shouted, but his body become stif and can't move.

"Where do you think you're going?" David asked him with a smirk smile. David's left hand moved and wrapped around his waist. He sniffed Dawn's neck. Dawn pushes him away but he doesn't have enough strength to fight David.

"What do you think you're doing?" Dawn asked David a cold question but he didn't answer. Instead he just keeps doing it.

"Let go of me." Dawn's said and struggle because of David. David was about to kiss her but there was a knock on the door. He curse, but Dawn saved!

[Thank god! I'm save!] Dawn whisper. Dawn pushed David hard and he was able to escape from David arms.

"Come in." Dawn said immediately, giving him a strike stare at David. But there was nothing he could do. The door opened and Natasha walk inside. As she walk inside, her smile drawing on her face. It was innocent smile and warm. But---David's eyes only planted to Dawn.

Dawn was surprised because it was Natasha came. But David seemed normal with him that Natasha suddenly appeared in his office.  She was smiling as Natasha walked closer to David. She immediately hugged him and gave him a little kiss on his cheek and lips.

Dawn immediately avoided looking at them because David was looking coldly at him while Natasha was kissing him. He don't want to see him kissing another person but---no can do. He just a merely secretary, he has no right to complain nir anything.

"I miss you, Darling." Natasha said cheerfully. She immediately turn her back to Dawn.

"Do you know, I'm here to see you, Lewis." Natasha said happily to Dawn. Dawn's eyes widened.

[Why me?] That's what's playing on his mind.

"But---why me?" Dawn's answer to Natasha was hesitant. He saw David walking outside.

[Hey! Where the hell are you going!]  He wanted to call David but he couldn't do it.

"I'll go get going. I have a meeting in the conference room with Mr. Whiskey." David just said, he lifted the document he was holding causing Dawn to almost curse him. He was holding a document that he couldn't find, because it was with David from the start.

"All right, I'll take care of him. I want to talk to Dawn and you're not the one I came here for." Natasha just said. Dawn was silent. Before David left, he looked at Dawn first. He immediately averted his eyes because he did not want to see David's gaze.

When David left, Natasha immediately pulled him to sit on the sofa.

"You know what? They want to get to know you. Give me a time even if it's just a little. I want you to attend party next week with me. I wanted to introduce you to them." Natasha said like a child. Dawn couldn't react. Because he doesn't know what he was going to do, would he be happy or angry?

But he thinks that Natasha has nothing to do with David's past, so he does everything to make Natasha comfortable with him. She knew nothing, so he was innocent.

"What did you do? Do you want me to Introduce to them?But who are they?" Dawn asked Natasha.

"I told my co-models and artists that I have a friend who is not in the industry but he has sparks in modeling." Natasha said, his face was smeared.

"Why did you say that?"  Dawn asked, he feel more worried. He doesn't want to have a connections with Natasha. Because she was David present lovers and he was the past. She doesn't know anything.

"Because I want to introduce you to them. Don't worry about your job. I'll let David know. He'll let us go. We can also take him with us to the party." Natasha said. Dawn was feel more cornered when he heard that they were going to take David with them. He shook his head several time.

[I'm definitely NOT going.] He said to himself.

"I can't, I have a lot of work to do next week. We have an important media project to do, so I can't be with you. You should go with sir David instead." successively said Dawn. Natasha pouts.

"Aren't you really coming?" said Natasha sadly. Dawn shook his head. Suddenly the wind changed when Lance, David and Yami arrived and enter the office.

Natasha's eyes widened when she saw Yami.

"Oh my god! There's another beautiful one here. What's your name?" Natasha said cheerfully when she saw Yami. Yami was surprised but be choose to replied. He knows Natasha too. of course, she was a popular model and celebrity. Everyone knows her.

[Why is she's here?] Yami asked Dawn using there eye contact conversation.

[She's with David.] Dawn answer.

"My name is Yami Smith, Dawn's personal assistant and at the same time a friend. It's nice to meet you in person, Ms. Natasha." Yami's polite answer to Natsha.

"Cut that formalities. Since you are here too. Please come with us to the party." Natasha holds Yami's hand. But he confused.

"W-What party?" Yami ask her.

"She was saying that she wanted to invite you to a night party next week." Dawn explain to Yami.

[Don't agree- Dawn] Yami understand what he said, what their friendship for?

"I'm sorry, I refuse. We have a lot of work to do. Also, Me and Dawn has important matters to attend this week." Yami reply. David notice that Yami and Dawn has eyes signal.

"Anyway, the party was set up by the popular ceo of Raising Star Entertainment Company. We we're going. Specially, you two should go because I already set a meeting with them." David said, Dawn eyes winded.

Natasha's face brightened.

"Yay! It's going to be fun." Natasha said happily, as she was so happy she hugged David. Yami's eyes widened, he was worried as he looked at Dawn as well as Lance. But they didn't see anything in Dawn's eyes.

But Yami and Lance knew he was hurting. "Mr. President, I'm sorry. I can't be make it to the party." Dawn started. Natasha, Lance and David wondered why. Except for Yami, he knows the real reason.

"Why?" Natasha asked Dawn sadly. He did not answer but just kept quiet. Yami immediately approached Dawn, he pulled him closer to him.

"He can't be with a lot of people. He has trauma with people." Yami's lying. He has to lie because it's important. The three were shocked to hear what's Yami just said.

"What?" Lance said seriously.

"That why, no matter what happens, I won't let him get into that party. I hope you understand my concerned Mr. President." Yami added.

"If you have nothing important to say. We're leaving, we still have jobs left." Yami said politely, he bow down his head and pulled Dawn out of the office.

Natasha wondered, why Dawn and Yami behaved like that and neither David nor Lance reacted, they was just quiet. "I-I don't know that he has a truama." Natasha started.

"He didn’t tell me.” She added. David didn't answer, even though he was surprised by what he heard from Yami, but Dawn wasn't like that before, so why would he have trauma? What a reason.

"We're not going to go to the party anymore." That's all David said, he left the office without even saying a word. Natasha was surprised. Why David suddenly acting like that then left.

"L-Lance? Did I do something wrong?" Natasha asked Lance worriedly. Lance shook his head.

"You didn't do anything Nat. But this is all I can tell you, don't mess with Dawn's life, because you know nothing about him." That's all she said to Natasha, then she followed David.

Natasha was left dumbfounded inside in the office alone. Little by little her tears fell from her eyes.

"Of course I do. I know about Dawn. I know about them. What can I do? Even if I want to be angry with Dawn. I can't." *Crying* Natasha said to herself.

"W-why are you crying ? Where are the others? Where is sir Whiskey and mr. President? "Natasha turned to Dawn, yes Dawn did.

[Why did he come back?] Natasha asked herself.

"Why did you come back?" Natasha asked Dawn as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Yami and I are going to their province to set up a shooting for the photo shot. I just wanted to invite you if you could?" Dawn said, giving it a warm smile that made Natasha cry even more.

[How can I hurt this person if his smiles are so warm?] Natasha whispered tearfully to herself.

Dawn was worried because Natasha cried more. He hugged her immediately because he didn't know what to do, which surprised Natasha.

"Don't cry, even if I can't go to the party, we'll take you tomorrow. So prepare yourself." Dawn said to Natasha. Natasha was relieved by what Dawn had said to her.

"All right I'll come." Natasha replied cheerfully to Dawn.

yes, Natasha knows Dawn and David’s past. She also knew she had nothing against Dawn. He was just doing it to hurt Dawn, but she couldn't take it anymore. Because she already has a guilty conscience. Because no matter what she does, she still doesn't see Dawn getting angry or avoiding her. Instead, he with Natasha's side.




The next morning Natasha woke up early. There were smiles on her lips. She was facing the large mirror inside her room.

"I don't know but---- I feel calm and safe with Dawn." *Smiling* she said to herself in front of the mirror. She immediately took a shower and got dressed, she also packed her cloth and gadget. She also bting foods, of course money too. She really woke up early because Dawn told her that they would pick her up at her house. Natasha gave Dawn her address yesterday.

After a few minutes, she heard a car horn outside her house. She immediately pulled out her bag pack and ran out of the room until she reached the outside of her house. She saw Dawn's car outside, she knew it was Dawn's car and another, Dawn was in the driver seat.

"Come on! Jump in. What if paparazzi get see you." Yami said. Natasha immediately got into the car, she was in the second seat because Yami was in the front seat. Dawn immediately started the car.

Natasha is so happy that she doesn't have a schedule today. "Is your province far away, Mr. Smith?" Natasha asked Yami. Yami looked at Natasha from behind.

"It's a bit far, just enjoy the whole trip. You'll see a lot of beautiful scenery later, so you should prepare your camera to take a picture." *smiling* Yami replied to Natasha.

[They're both warm. No wonder, they are so close.] Natasha whisper to herself.

"All right, I'm excited to see the beautiful scenery you're saying." Natasha replied to Yami. "Also call me Yami drop the formalities, you said it right? " Yami added. Natasha smiled at him and nodded in response to what he said.

As Yami said, they did stop at a beautiful view and scenery. They even took photos with the three of them.

After a three -hour drive they finally arrived on the South side of A city, where Yami used to live. It was afternoon when they arrived at Yami's former residence.

"Yami, is there no light here?" Natasha asked as she rolled her eyes around the house.

"We have, but the problem is there is no signal here. You have to go to the beach if you want to call someone." Yami explained.

Dawn had been here before so he knew that there was no signal here. He likes this place because it is quiet and peaceful in this place. He can think peacefully in this house.

"Where's Dawn?" Natasha asked again because she didn't see Dawn when they came here.

"Ah-- he said he'll go to the market. He'll come soon. You can take a bath first." Yami said. She just nodded and did what Yami told her.

Natasha was already bathed. Dawn arrived from the market. Yam greeted him and helped him with the goods he bought in the market.

"Where's Natasha?" Dawn asked Yami.

"I told her to take a bath. I'll cook, so you change your clothes." Yami said. Dawn just nodded his head then go to his room.

After a few minutes they were in front of the dining room table. They ate together.

"Dawn, I have a question." Natasha suddenly asked.

"What's that?" Dawn replied. Natasha was hesitant to ask but she wanted to know the answer.

"Did you ever feel in love to someon?" Natasha asked. Dawn stopped eating. Yami looked at Dawn to see what his reaction would be. But Dawn just smiled before answering.

"Of course but it's been a long time, why did you ask?" Dawn replied to Natasha.

"I just want to know what it feels like to love." Natasha added.

"Hmm-when you love someone, you do everything for him. When you love him, you want to protect him, take care of him and gives everything for him too." Dawn answered. Natasha was silent when she saw the reaction on his face calm down. Her heart was pounding beyond her comprehension.

"Only that person will make your heart beat. He's the only person who can do that to you." Dawn added, he smiled at Natasha which made Natasha's heart beat faster. She felt strange, even though she had never felt that way about David.

"You Yami?" Natasha asked Yami differently.

"I don't know. I haven't experienced a relationship yet." Yami just answered her that surprise her.

"You're handsome how come that you never date a beautiful woman." Natasha chuckles while sayinh those words.

"Sorry for breaking your expectations already, but I don't like girls. They are purgatory of my freedom---so I only like handsome guys." Yami said, while eating his foods.

Natasha's eyes widened, Dawn coughed at what he was eating. Natasha immediately handed him a glass of water. He drank it immediately.

Dawn couldn't believe he told the truth to Natasha so easily. How was he able to tell while the reaction of his face was straightforward? While Natasha could not speak. She actually with this to handsome-beuatiful guys who never fall in love to a woman. Her beuaty is useless to them.

"Don't be surprised. I'm gay and that's who I am." Yami just added. Natasha suddenly laughed, she didn't think they would tell her the truth. These two have no mixed plasticity.

Except for Dawn, but she understands it. Why he didn't want to say anything about him. She wanted to protect the smiles of the two men with her now.

 "I want to break up with David." He said suddenly. the two men with him looked at her. There was silence inside the kitchen. Yami and Dawn waiting to her words.

"Actually, David and I have been together for two years, but I never felt like he loved me or not. Our daddies arranged us, but he didn't say anything before so I agree too since I like him." Natasha explained, Dawn was silent. He feel sorry and hurts for Natasha. 

"Lance told me, David already has a loved one and he doesn't want to change her no matter what happens. He will look for her anywhere in the world, that's how he loves that person. At first I didn’t believe it, because I was used to following David everywhere and he never chase me away from him. I even forgot how I really felt since then. I’m just used to the detail that I like him, that's all. I put an effort for him to notice me but he never did. ” She added, Dawn was sad for her. At the same time confused.

"Maybe that person was very special for him. So I know I have nothing against that person. So when I met you two, I wanted to be with you because I was only comfortable with you." Natasha said with a smile. Yami didn't know that this woman has weak personality.

"Yami and I are here. If you have a problem. You can tell us. Besides, that's what friends do, isn't it?" Dawn said cheerfully. Natasha cried.

[This person is really warm, that's why David only wants him.]

Dawn and Yami wiped away Natasha's tears at the same time.

"You can come to us." Yami added. Natasha feel warm woth them. She could do everything she wants together these two. Specially, they acknowledge her as their friend.

The next morning, they enjoyed together while taking the photo shot on the beach. They wanted to get good views for the magazine they were going to project, so they thought mother nature was the theme because there were a lot of people who could shoot ideas. Natasha was overjoyed, in a flash she forgot the pain she was feeling because of the two with her. They give her warm welcome and make her forget the pain.

Two days later, they returned to the town of A city. Natasha went back to work, but everyone noticed that she was always happy and always smiling. Meanwhile, Dawn stood quietly in front of David, he currently inside his offive to gives his reports. He gave the new schedule of meetings that David had to attend.

"Mr. Lewis, do you want to kill me on the meeting schedule?" David complained when he saw the list of meeting schedule that Dawn had made for him. The meeting was continuous and non-stop. That means he's been busy all month. Dawn didn't answer. David stared at him.

"Mr. Lewis answer me." said David, and Dawn looked at David.

"No, Mr. President. But around your knowledge that all of that is important, I chose all of them that have a good advantage in the company, so you can't let them go. Don't worry, I'm here next to you, I won't let you do those alone. I'll go with you." Dawn said, there was silence.

Dawn was silent as he realized what he said. He lowered his gaze because he felt like he was about to drown in David's stares. David secretly smiled at what Dawn had done to avoid his gaze. He knew those words spontaneously came out of Dawn's mouth.

"Alright, let's do this then." David said, Dawn gulp because he didn't mean to say those words. He hope he didn't just say those things to David. A few minutes later, Dawn was back at work. All employees are busy because a fashion show will take place next week.

Yami is busy choosing materials for the stage design together with his team. The fashion show will take place in their company. So they will be in charge of designing the venue.

"Alright everyone! Let's do our best." Dawn shouted at her companion.

"Yes! Secretary Lewis!" They answered him at once. David looked at Dawn with a smile while he was busy with what he was doing.

"You still don't change, Dawn. My only one Dawn." He whispered to himself. Everything about Dawn is satisfying David's souls. Only Dawn could do this to him.


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