3. Who is the king game: The orders

The day of the fashion show came. This happened right in David's company. All the employees are busy especially the staff. But Dawn remained inside the dressing room. Not that he didn’t want to go, there was someone he wanted to avoid. He did not expect that person is invited to the upcoming fashion show. 

He don't want to have any connection to that old man. He hates him, despites him. That's why, he doesn't want to met that person. Not in this important events. Dawn didn't wanted to ruin David's successes. In fact, he's still an employee in this company so he doesn't want to made a ruckus around the bus. The event is important for all of them.

While he arranging the gowns, someone from their company approach him. She was part of the staff team in media department.

"Do you need anything?" Dawn asked her. She shake her head then said.

"Its nothing, everything is good. But Mr. President is calling you to his office. He said, you should help him to prepared something." She answerd. His eyebrows met because of that. Why should he be summoned just because of that? Knowing that he is busy with his works in the models room. His steps are heavy as he walk towards in David office, he don't wanted to see him today to avoid fighting him, but he can't do nothing about it.

Still---David is his boss, then he's just his secretary. He knocked the door three times as he reached the door of David's office. He still respect him only because David is his boss. That's all.

"Come in." He heard David say inside the office. He took a deep breath before opening the door. He went in and went where David. He saw him standing inside the office. Dawn notice that David getting taller than him, even his back figure is masculine. David face Dawn as he enter inside his office. Dawn frowned when he notice what's David's wearing.

"Why haven't you changed yet?" He asked David. Because he still wearing his clothes from their meeting in the morning. David just smiled at him.

"Can you help me preparing instead?" David said simply. Dawn's brow furrowed even more because of what David had said to him.

[Asf--are you a kid?] Dawn asked himself. But he let his breathe out and composing his composure. He walked toward David.

"Tch-Come here. You're gonna be late at this rate. The event starting in 30 minutes." Dawn said. Dawn couldn't do anything because he didn't want to fight with him today. There's an important show today so he doesn't want to fight. He helped him to wear his office attire. He slowly helping him putting his coat on him. He clearly taking care of him.

"Raise your hand." Dawn said, David raising his hand. Dawn's two arms wrapped around Dawn's waist to place the built. David silently watched Dawn. He is gorgeous, stunning in every angle. No one could resist Dawn's beauty. 

"Done. Give me your tie." Dawn added. David immediately gave his tie to Dawn. He took it and he also put on the neck tie on him. They are close to each other. David could still smell Dawn's scent. David was silent, he didn't want to annoy him because he knew that Dawn's emotions are easy to fade, specially on him. He knows that Dawn is put a perfect barrier around him to avoid him. So even just for now. David wants to embrace Dawn face. 

"Done. Let's go. It's almost time." Dawn said, David nod his head and they walk together outside in the office. As they walk in the whole way, they saw Lance and Yami together. Seems like they are going to David's office. They're talking to each other more on like they are really serious.

"Yami, why are you are guys here?" Dawn called him. Yami face him then gives him warm smile.

"Are you guys ready? We just was about call you. The event was starting in few minutes." Yami asked them. David nod his head, Lance notice that David is behaving today.

"Shall we have a drink after this? I wanted to celebrate." Lance said, Yami and Dawn smile then nod their heads.

"Aren't you coming, David?" Lance asked David. He didn't say anything but Lance knows it, he will coming. He walk instead then they followed him.

Everyone staring at them. They are all gorgeous and handsome as they walk in the hallway. They are rocking the hallways. Everyone amaze of them because of their hotness and looks. They are perfect made by god.

When they reach at the back of the stage Yami gives a signal to other staff and lightens up the main stage. This time, it was David's time to shine. Everyone wants to see him in stage.

"Sure your dad is so supportive huh?" Lance said then he pointed David's dad with his mom and big sister. But David didn't say anything. He gaze Dawn secretly and he saw Dawn bite his lower lip while staring in David family.

"You can go back. I'll take care of the rest." David said, he didn't wait to his response. He walk in the stage. Yami pulled Dawn away from the venue.

"Let's go, he said we can stay away from here. You don't want to meet them yes?" Yami said, 

Dawn wondered as Yami held his right hand away from the venue.

"Yami, is there a problem?" He asked curiously to his friend as they stopped in front of David's office.

"You don't have to hide how you feel, Dawn. I know you, you don't want to have any connection with them, that family ever. But --- Dawn, how do you feel for David?" Yami replied at length to Dawn.

Dawn was silent because of what Yami said. He bowed because he wanted to hide his expression, reaction and feelings to Yami. He felt Yami touch his cheek and made him face him.

"Dawn, you know me. Where you're happy, I'll support you. You yourself told me before. That's what your heart desires, you just have to follow it. If you wanted to be happybjust let your heart accept it all." Said Yami.

"I'm aware that I said that before. But I can't, it's different. Whether I want David to be mine, whether I want him to love me. You know that we can't. I want to follow what my heart tells me, but I can't do that. Everything will be more chaotic when that happens. For me, it is enough for me to see David." Dawn replied, his voice weak as he said those words, it's hurt him. But that was enough for Yami to hear. Yami knows that Dawn keeps lying on his self. Dawn's become selfish to himself.

"Don't you love him?" Said Yami. Dawn turned to Yami. His eyes were watering but he tried to hold them back.

"I love David. But, what the hell will happen when he finds out the truth?" Dawn added.

They don't know that David and Lance was listening hiding in the back of the next door. They followed them. Yami and Dawn didn't know that David and Lance were listening. They also didn't mean to hear the two talk seriously about the past.

David was even more confused. Except for the reason that he knows why Dawn did what happened 5 years ago. Is there anything he doesn't know?




Everything turn out fine. The events starts as the plan. They totally enjoying the show. But--Dawn and Yami remaining inside in David office. They finally calmed. Yami sat on the big couch while Dawn lying on his lap. His eyes were shut, Yami holding his right hand to calm him down. Dawn fell asleep because of the people he didn’t want to see and meet again. But because destiny is playful. Its looks like he can’t help but see these people again.

Yami was even more worried for Dawn. He wants to keep Dawn away from here but he also wants Dawn to be happy. He knew only David could do that. Yami sang to make Dawn feel better. After a few hours the office door opened. David and Lance finally arrived. Yami face them as they walk towards them. He gives them little smile.

"How is he doing?" Lance immediately asked Yami.

"He's fine. He's probably just tired, because of what's happening. That's why he fall asleep. He said, I'll just wake him up later. Should I wake him up now?" Yami replied to Lance. David shake his head. 

"No, let him rest a little. The event has ended." David said while secretly staring Dawn's sleeping face.

[He feel more stressed. Aren't he?] David asked himself.

Yami noticed that. "Did you know he did something bad before. Just to forget you?" Yami starts to set the mood between Dawn at David. David was surprised, he knew he was the one Yami was talking to, even though he was looking at Dawn sleeping face.

"He tried to commit suicide several times. I still don't know the reason for those, why he wanted to end his life back then. But when he told me everything. I somehow understood him. I used to see him cried and hurting himself just to forget everything about you." Yami added. David gulp three times the moment he heard it.

As the same time David at Lance felt nervous and afraid of what Yami would say next.

"5 years ago, I met Dawn. It was night at that time. It was raining hard and the breeze was cold. He came to my apartment, soaking wet, crying, a few days later he didn't want to eat anything. He wanted to end his life badly. So I took care of him. At first, it was really tough. He never put me on his sight." Yami's story. David and Lance are willing to listened.

"He used to say sorry David. I even get sick hearing of it, because he repeating that words several times like--- he repent his mistake in front of the buddha  everyday." Yami added. Yami looked into David's eyes.

"He's fine after five years. But when you came here. He came back to the beginning again." said Yami.

"Why are you saying these to me, Yami?" wondering what David said.

"I'm telling you this because if you don't want to take him back. Just let him go." Yami said seriously. Lance and David's eyes widened.

"Listen, there are many people who want to counteract both of your feelings. There are also many reasons for you not to stay together. There are many reasons why you can't get back together. " Yami said, he looked at David again.

"But there is one reason to bring everythings back. That's why, If you can't protect him. If you can't love him back. Just let him free. I don't wanted to see him cry again over you. It made me sick. " Yami added.

"I know he left you first. I understand if you are angry with him right now. But, there are reasons why everything happens. If you wanted to hurt him because you want to retaliate against him. I'm telling you, stop it. You'll regret it." Yami said.

"As for the reason. Can't you do everything? Why don’t you find out the truth by yourself? ” Yami said again.

"Before that? I wanted to ask you?" David started. They throwing electric gazes.

"Calm down guys. We might waking him up." Lance said,

"Why do you care about Dawn so much?" David asked. A smirk star's drawing in Yami's face.

"Because I love him, Sir David. More than anyone else." Yami confidently answer.

Lance eyes winded while David seriously staring Yami.

"But---he's more like a brother-friend to me. He's my greatest friend, so I don't want him to get hurt again. That's all." Yami said.

David can't say anything. But before he answer Yami. Dawn opened his eyes. "Oh--You guy's are back." Dawn said in sleepy tune.

"Hey, buddy. You sleep sounds well so we didn't wake you up." *Smiling* Yami said to him. Yami got up, he looked at David and Lance because they were just quiet.

"Why? Did something happen at the events while I was asleep?" Dawn asked the three of them. Lance immediately shook his head before smiling.

"Nothing. David and I just arrived. The program ended with no problems so you have nothing to worry about. The important thing is that you get a little rest. " Lance. Dawn nodded at him.

Dawn noticed that David was staring at him silently.

"Is there a problem, Mr. President?" He wondered to David.

"Nothing." David replied. He was surprised because David averted his eyes from him and walked closer to his chair.

[He's obviously lying.] Dawn whispered quietly to himself. He stood up and adjusted his clothes.

"If the event is over. Why don't we go ahead with your plan, Lance? It's only about 7:30 pm we still has more time." Dawn said while looking at his watch.

"All right, you're like to come David aren't you?" Lance replied before facing David.

"Yes." David's simple answer to Lance. Yami also stood up.

"Let's go? Weekend is also tomorrow. It's okay for us to drink all night. So---ahmm-- At our house then?" Yami said.

"What?" They said in chorus at the same time because they were surprised by what Yami said.

"Dawn can be with a lot of people, can't he? Besides, maybe someone will see us later, if we go to somewhere open places." Said Yami. He said something simple but the three of them understood what that meant.

"Wait why at home?" Dawn said worriedly. He remembered hes has David picture in his room. It was placed next to his bed.

"All right its settle then. We were go to your house to celebrate." *Smiling* Lance said. Dawn was even more worried when he saw that they all agreed.

[What the hell is happening!?] Dawn shouted in his mind. Yami and Lance walked out of the office. Dawn was an idiot who was left inside with David.

"Why are you just standing there like an idiot? They left already." David whispered to Dawn. His heart almost jumped in shock. David's mouth was too close to his left ear so he could feel the warmth of David's voice.

"Wait! Yami wait for me!" Dawn shouted at Yami. He immediately ran out of the office. He left David inside the office alone. Because he wanted to avoid it, he didn’t want David to see it. That he still has a big effect on him. 

David followed him quietly. Until they arrived at the parking lot.

"Let's just use David's car." Said Lance. David nodded. Lance is happy because David seems to be obedient now so he wants to abuse this opportunity. It was a big opportunity for him to saw that David could do nothing if he did not follow their wishes because Dawn is with them.

They got into David's car together. Lance and Yami meant to be first in the second seat so that Dawn could ride in the front seat, because David was in the driver's seat. Dawn couldn't do anything, he didn't say anything about it but just ride in the front seat. The four of them were silent while they were on the trip.

"Dawn, I would like to ask you a question." breaking Lance's silence. Because no one seems to be trying to speak.

"What's that?" Dawn replied to Lance. "Were you with aunty who left then? I want to see her badly. " Lance asked Dawn directly. Dawn was silent because of Lance's question to him. Yami's eyes widened because of all the many questions he wanted to ask, why is that thing?

"Mommy is dead three days before I  leaved five years ago. " He said, It was like a bomb had exploded in David and Lance's ear. They didn't know. They don't know that Dawn's mother had died. Before he left five years ago.

"She died, because she could not bear the pain she was feeling. I thought then, she was fine. But --- her doctor called me and said mommy was dead. The next day, mommy was buried. Then ---- " Dawn couldn't continue what he was going to say because David immediately stopped him with his right hand, Yamiband Lance are surprised at what David did to Dawn. David covered Dawn's mouth with his right hand while driving.

"Don't talk anymore." Only David said. Dawn lowered her head. He could smell David's perfume on his palm. That's gives him reason for him to calm down.

Lance couldn't believe what he heard. He knew the Dawn's mom had been in the hospital for a long time but why did she die suddenly? What they heard is a huge surprise. None of them knew, not even the doctors at the hospital did not say any information about her death.

David was driving quietly, but there were so many questions playing in his mind. The reasons Yami told him earlier. Does that also include the death of Dawn's mother. Was that also one of the reasons why he left 5 years ago?

After fifteen minutes they finally arrived at the apartment where Yami and Dawn lived. Dawn hurried out of the car, he went first. After he opened the door, he went straight running to his room. When he entered his room he immediately took the picture of David which was still framed besides on his bed. He immediately hid it under his bed.

"You're so fast. You did think about that picture? I thought you forgot about it. But still, you really think to hide that?" Yami laughed at Dawn. Dawn was annoyed to face Yami. He saw him standing doorposts on his room while there were smirking drawing on Yami's face.

"You--- why do you have to decided that were going here to celebrate and drink instead of restaurant? Urghh--" He feel irritates while saying those words. But insteaf of being mad, Yami was amused to see Dawn's reaction. He felt happy somehow. He can see his other reaction including Dawn's pain.

Dawn calmed himself before going out of his room. He went straight to the living room. He saw Lance and David sitting on the big sofa.

"Its very calming here. The cleanliness and yet organized. It's right for four people." Lance said. [Four people?] astonished Dawn whispered to himself. Yami arrived with two towels.

"Take a bath first and we'll take care of the rest here. Lance you can use my bathtub tonight." Yami said. He gave them the towel and they took it.

"And then Dawn. Bring Sir David in your room so he can alsontake his bath." Yami added. [Grr- He obviously means it all the time!] Dawn's brain screams because of Yami. He can already see what his friend Yami is going to do.

"You win. So stop it already." Dawn said. Yami laughed when he saw that Dawn was defeated. Dawn looked at David.

"Come, I'll bring you inside." He added. David immediately stood up and followed Dawn into Dawn's room.

"Did you mean for all this to happen, Yami?" Lance asked Yami with a laugh.

"Yeah, not that I want to mess with their lives but I want to help them both. They're both numb. They don't know where they're going to start. So they need help to make a chance for themselves." Yami explained.

"I thought you were mad at David? "Lance asked Yami.

"Yes, but Dawn loves him. He is the only one capable of making him happy. How could I hate him when he's the one who can make Dawn's happy?" Yami replied to Lance.

On the other side, "Here you can ware this. It's mine. After you done. Go to the living room and wait me there alright?" Dawn's said, David nod his head.

"Good. Then take your bath already. I'm living you alone here." Dawn said. After that Dawn's walk outside to his room and let David alone inside.

While David take-off if his clothes. His watch fell and sprang under Dawn's bed. David glanced at it to retrieve his watch. He accidentally caught a glimpse of a picture frame under the bed. He took it immediately. His eyes widened as he saw who was in the picture.

It is a picture of him. He remembered it was their second year anniversary when he took pictures here. He realized why Dawn was in a hurry to enter earlier, the reason was to hide this frame under his bed. Dawn took a picture of him. He smiled out of nowhere. He didn't realize that tears were falling from his eyes. He immediately put the picture back under the bed.

He immediately entered the shower room. He was disgusted with himself. He gave a lot of work to torture Dawn, he meant to saw Dawn that Natasha and him are kissing before to hurt Dawn. But-he didn't think he was overdoing it. He tried to rape Dawn when he first saw him because he wanted to make him feel the anger he felt before. He did that because he was angry with Dawn for what he had done to leave him 5 years ago.

He remembered what Yami had said to him earlier in the office. He was even more irritated with himself because he couldn't even give Yami a sensible answer. 

After he took a bath he immediately dried his hair before putting on the clothes that Dawn had given him. The clothes is just right for him. Most likely, Dawn had memorized the size of his clothes and pant ever since. So he was no longer surprised, as Dawn told him, he went out and went into the living room. He saw Dawn pouring a glass in the kitchen. Dawn's turned his back on him. He looked behind Dawn. He's so sexy. Especially now that Dawn is wearing an apron.

"Don't stare, man. Just touch him." smiling Lance whispered. David just gives him hard look. He noticed that Yami and Lance were in the same clothes.

"What's with the couples?" David asked the them.

"Don't think about it, man. We want to wear a couple shirt even only just for now." *smiling* Lance said. Yami shook his head. He just passed them and approached Dawn.

"Are you done?" Yami asked him. He nod his head.

"Bring the snacks to the table. I'll  bringing the wine and glasses. " Dawn said. Yami brought what they were going to pick up tonight, then Dawn followed him while carrying glasses on the tray as well as five bottles of whiskey wine.

"Shall we start now?" Lance asked with a smile. They approached them and sat in the living room. Dawn began to pour out four glasses of wine. Lance and Yami took it immediately, they drank it immediately. David also took the glass.

Dawn slowly drank the wine. He has a low resistance to alcohol so he doesn't want to get drunk now. Not when David is here.

"Let's play." Yami said, Lance and David wondered. Dawn was nervous because he knew it was Yami's mischief again.

"That's fun, what are we going to play?" Lance agreed. Dawn's forehead hurt even more, it's getting worse because it looks like Lance and Yami are united tonight.

"Who is the king." Yami replied. Dawn's eyebrows met.

[It's not good!] He shouted to himself.

"This is how to play it. I will take four ice cream sticks one will be written by the king. Since there are only four of us, the three will only be written with the numbers one, two and three." Yami explained the rules of the game they will play.

"We'll pull out the stick together, whoever gets the king, he can command two numbers. The selected number simply has to do the orders of the king. There is no backing out. After doing the task one of the number should say your orders has been complete. Your majesty. Game? " Yami added. Lance, who was obviously Yami's accomplice, nodded one after another. David simply nodded. Dawn was forced to join.

As Yami said. He took four ice cream sticks. He wrote the king with a stick and three numbers for the remaining three sticks.

"Let's start." Yami said cheerfully. They put the stick upside down on the glass so they couldn't see the number.

One by one they pulled out the stick. "Who's the king?" Dawn asked nervously.

"Me!" Lance shouted happily.

"This going to be fun! I'm the first king!" He added. Dawn swallowed really hard. While David and Yami are waiting for an order.

"Okay, number 1 and 3. Number 3 should lick the salt in number 1's navel." Lance said while smirking write on his face. Dawn was nervous and swallowed hard.

"I'm number two." Yami said while smiling.

"What?" Dawn was even more nervous when he realized that David and he were the only two left.

"I'm the number 3." David said simply. Yami immediately ran to the kitchen and took some salt.

"Here's the salt." Yami said with a smile as he handed the salt container to Dawn. Dawn swallowed before reaching for the salt container.

Dawn was nervous. But there was nothing he could do, it was the games rules. He can't backing out now. Yami helped him lie down on the sofa. Lance put the salt on Dawn's navel. Yami add wine on it too. Dawn's body trembled as he felt David's hand on both of his knees holding him. He couldn't help but look into David's eyes. It was burning with desire, he immediately averted his eyes because he would drown.

"Do it Sir David." Yami orders David. Slowly David lowered his head closer to Dawn's navel. He looked at Dawn again before he licked it.

He licked it in a strange way so Dawn's body trembled. He could feel the heat of David's tongue circling the center of his navel. When David finished, Dawn immediately sat down. His face was red. David was surprised by Dawn's reaction.

"Your order has been c-omplete. Your majesty." Dawn stammered to Lance. Lance nodded in triumph.

"Next!" Yami shouted. Once again they pulled out. "Who is the king?" Lance asked.

"Me." Said Dawn. Lance swallowed. He knew Dawn would retaliate against them.

"Number 3 and 2 undress your clothes. Until the end of the next round of the game." Dawn's orders. He was surprised because David stood up. One by one, he took off his clothes, Lance did it too.

"What the hell." Dawn and Yami whisper.

"Your order is has been complete. Your majesty." *Husky* David said. Dawn blushed suddenly, so he averted his eyes from David.

This is the third round. The king was Yami. He was very happy that he became king because Lance showed him his number which is number 3. Dawn was especially nervous, he knew his friend very well. He nervously wonder what he will make them do.

"Number 1 and 2, number 2 will drink alcohol and then kiss number 1 then drink it from number 2's mouth." Yami orders.

"Ehh?" Dawn said surprised, because he was the number 2.

"I'm the number 1." David said.

"What?" Dawn added. He swallowed, just thinking know kissing him make him wanted to run away from them.

"Do it, Dawn. You're a man!" Yami shouted at him. Hes's completely drunk. Yami's resistance to alcohol is low, so even a small one shot will hit him hard.

Dawn could do nothing. He drank wine. He is also feel dizzy because of yhe alcohol. He turned to David.

He slowly touched David's cheek. He slowly brought his lips closer to David's lips nervously. David couldn't wait so he pulled Dawn closer to him and he made a kiss.

Dawn's eyes widened. David's kiss deepened, and David drank the wine from his mouth.

"Hmm ~~" little growl came more and more out of Dawn's mouth. David grinned between kisses. He deepened his kiss with Dawn even more. He was losing himself, he no longer knew how to stop. Dawn gathered all his strength and he pushed David away from him that surprise him.

"Let me breath you idiot." Dawn said, both of Dawn's cheeks were red.

"Sorry." David said, he averted his eyes from Dawn.

They stopped the game because of Yami. He had been drinking and what he was teasing Lance all over again.

"Just kiss him damn it." *Disgusted* Dawn said to Yami. Because Yami's face was close to Lance's. Earlier, Yami's hoped that he could kiss Lance. Dawn was so drunk too. So he feel his body get heavy including his eyes.

David notice that so he carry Dawn who was drunk. But before he entered Dawn's room. He confronted Lance and Yami.

 "I know you're cheating on the game. But thank you." David said to Lance and Yami. He carried Dawn into Dawn's room.

Lance smiled as he looked at his friend who was walking away. Finally David thanked him, the two of them and Yami.

"Tchh-he's just slow." * Dizzy* Yami says.

"You're drunk Yami. Let's go to sleep. We've been drinking all night." Lance said to him. Yami turned to Lance.

"Tch-You---Why are you so handsome huh? Look at your face. It's so perfect.*hek*" Yami asked him while his drunk. Yami grabbed Lance on both cheeks and jumped at him.

"They're gone. Can you kiss me now?" said Yami to Dawn. Lance grinned. His hands wrapped around Yami's waist.

"Do you know me?" Lance asked him. Yami nodded at him.

"Yes, you're Lance Whiskey." Yami smiled back at him.

"Do you know what you're doing right now?" Lance asked him again.

"Yes, and I'm not to blame." Said Yami. He kissed Lance aggressively. So Lance no longer needed to restrain himself. They kissed each other.

Fire of desire playing between their body. Lance knew Yami was drunk, so he did these things to him. But there was nothing he could do. He could no longer restrain himself from touching Yami.

He really wanted to do these to Yami. He wants to eats him whole. So he took this opportunity to do so. Even though he knows everything will change tomorrow.

"Damn Yami. You made me insane." Lance said, then finally embrace Yami under his arms.




The next day, Dawn woke up because of Yami's loud scream in the other room.




Yami and Lance sat quietly in the kitchen chair. Dawn was sitting in front of Yami. Meanwhile, David was standing behind Dawn.

"So --- did you two DID IT?" David started to breaks the silence on the three of them.

"I was drunk last night I don't remember." Yami's excuses. Dawn sigh--

"Yes." Lance's direct answer to David. There was silence then Yami suddenly cried out loud. Lance was feel nonplusswd so he suddenly hugged him that brought Yami in surprise.

"I'll take the responsibility. So please stop crying." Lance's answer was serious. Dawn almost laughed because the two of them were so serious that it looked like Lance could get Yami pregnant. At the same time, David smiled because now he can see his friend Lance acting like this.

It looks like they got the result that they supposed to hoping that David and Dawn will do it last night since they we're totally druk. No---not David, but Dawn.

"Well, I guess. Karma is a real bitch huh?" *Smiling* David said to Lance and Yami. Yami cried even more, Lance gave David a bad look. As Dawn wondered. He no nothing what is happening.


To be continue.

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