Accidentally mated to Vampire King
Accidentally mated to Vampire King
Author: Kayra

Chapter 1

I groan, shifting on my bed, pulling my pillow on top of my head, covering my ears.

The sound of an alarm is killing my head. With my left hand, I search for the source of the sound. When I get my hand on that, I turn it off.

I was up till late-night to complete the assignment, and tomorrow was the last day to submit it to the professor.

When I get down from the bed, The wood creeks under my foot. Stretching my body, I get up from the bed.

It's still 5 in the morning. I could only get four hours of sleep. I need to do all the house chores before going to college. Otherwise, my aunt will kill me.

My father and mother died in a car accident, and my custody fell in my aunt's hand. That's when my life became hell.

I don't remember much about my mom and dad. I was too young to remember anything at that time. But I know for sure they loved me so much.

My aunt Linda Martin is my mom's only sister. I don't know why she hates my mom to the core. And her daughter Tina Martin has taken a contract to make my life a living hell.

And my uncle, what should I say? He has no say in this house. He does the only thing in-home: watching TV, eating, and listening to my aunt's commands. I'm just glad that he doesn't care about my matters or me.

So, it's both mother and daughter that always nit-pick on anything I do. Make me do all the housework, cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, pressing cloths, etc., etc., etc.

I rush to the bathroom to get freshen up. My bathroom door opens with a sound when I push it. Entering, I sigh when I see myself in the mirror with my sleepy eyes.

I look like a ghost, with dark circles under my eyes. My hair looks like a bird's nest. Any bird can come and start living in my hair. My pale skin doesn't help either. People will think I'm a zombie or something if I go out like this.

Oh god, what wrong did I do to deserve this torment? I sigh once again, applying toothpaste to my brush. Washing my mouth, I hop into my shower, take a quick bath and leave the bathroom.

With a towel wrapped around my thin body, I start looking in my wardrobe for my clothes. All my clothes were given to me when Tina got tired of her clothes, and she didn't want to wear old ones.

I search for something which will make me less noticeable to people. To keep a low profile avoid any problems, this is the best way. I take a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans to wear to the college with this thought.

I brush my hair to remove all the knots, leaving them free. I look in the mirror, applying concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.

I have my mom's blue eyes my dad's button nose, I don't have plump lips, but they are not too thin either. They are perfect for my face.

I know I'm not a beauty. Having a familiar face that people will forget after a few days is advantageous for me, who wants to live in shadows.

I look at the clock; it's already six. I'm late to make breakfast, so I hurry up to start my day.

I look at myself one more time and at my parents' photo on my dressing table. They are both smiling at me. Smiling, I close the door of my room, expecting today will be a good day. I move to the kitchen.

When I reach the hallway, I see Tina sitting on the sofa with a face mask on her face. She is watching some teen movies on TV.

Trying to make my way to the kitchen not to make any noise, but she notices me when I'm just about to reach the kitchen counter.

"What are to doing? Walking like a thief," she comments, turning to face me.

"Nothing. Just here to make breakfast before leaving to college," I inform Tina while searching what is there in the refrigerator to make breakfast.

She snickers at me, "don't make it too oily, I don't want to have pimples on my face" she turns back to watch TV.

Sighing, I take out Carrots, tomatoes, corn, onion, and capsicum from the freezer.

I put two tp of oil into a pan, then add finely chopped onions, corn, capsicum, carrot, and fry them till they are half-cooked yet crunchy. Adding Spinach, salt, herbs, and pepper to the fry gives a good mix.

Taking two pieces of bread, I apply Sauce to one of them and then spread the stuffing evenly on the bread. I grate some cheese over the filling. Cover another slice of bread, then toast it on the pan by spreading butter on both sides to make it crispy.

Repeating this, I prepare three plates of veg sandwich for all of them.

Picking up my bag from the floor to get ready to leave the house to reach college. I have placed the prepared dishes on the dining table, I cleaned my hands. I look at the sofa. Tina is not there. Maybe she went to get ready for college as well.

So, I yell, "the breakfast is on the table; I'm leaving for college" I turn to leave.

"Why are you leaving so early?" aunt Linda comes out from her room.

I turn to face my Aunt "because I have to walk to the college so" I raise an eyebrow at her.

She scoffs, "but it's still 7. 30; what are you doing behind our back? going so early to hook up with guys?"

"Listen, Eliza, you may want to do as you please, but you are staying in my house, don't act like a whore just like your mother."

"How dare you bad mouth about my mom?" I glare at her. "She is your own sister- how could you..." tears well up in my eyes, but I don't cry. I'll never cry Infront of them.

"You can say anything about me, don't you dare say anything bad about my mother" I point the finger at her, anger well up in my stomach. I clench my hand at my side to control my emotions.

"Otherwise, what will you do? Bitch know where you are standing before you talk," she laughs.

I can't do anything about her, and she knows it. I can't leave before I turn 18, and she takes advantage of it to torment me mentally.

I decide I'll repay everything, every pain they give me, I'll get back to them when I become independent.

When I can support myself, I'll defiantly repay everything, thinking that I glare at her. She smirks at me.

I turn around and head out of the house, tears falling freely from my eyes now that nobody is there to watch.

I run at high speed to vent my anger, and I run until I can't run anymore.

Gasping for air, I stop placing my hands on my knees and take a deep breath. When I can control my breathing, I get up to see my college right before my eyes at the end of the road.

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Jeez… her aunts mean and it makes me feel bad for her because I know how she feels. It’s not right that the aunt is not saying it to herself
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Bella Jersey
That was a low blow. I can’t wait to find out the back story for the aunt to hate her sister SO MUCH 

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