Chapter 2

I enter the college, it’s still too early for the college. I see no soul on the campus on my way. I feel grateful that I left early.

I open my locker, where my bag and belongings are kept. My class schedule is stuck on the inside of the locker door.

I look at my schedule; my first class is English literature. I searched for my assignment, which I worked all night to finish. Taking that, I go look for the professor’s offices.

My luck office is open. I enter and place my assignment on the table, then move out of the office, closing the door.

Students start to arrive, so I enter my class. I always sit at the back in my class at the corner seat so that nobody will notice me and pick on me.

I make my way towards my seat, but someone doesn’t want me to have a peaceful life.

“Hey, freak, did you do my assignment?” David comes my way.

He is the son of one of the richest men in the city and Tina’s boyfriend.

Both he and Tina never leave me alone. I dig through my bag for his assignment and hand it to him.

Yes, it’s his assignment I was doing all night yesterday.

I want to tell him to get lost, but if I do that, my life will be hell in college as well. I want at least one place where I can be left alone so, I’ll do everything he says, and everybody stays out of my life.

He takes his assignment and leaves, saying,” you know what you have to do to stay safe in this college, don’t you, little girl?”.

I just shrug. Everyone proceeds and occupies a place as the professor enters the room.

When the bell rings, he asks whoever has not submitted the assignment to submit it by the end of the day.

Everyone starts to leave the class collecting their belongings for their next class.

I turn around the corner to avoid the crowd when I see Tina and David making out in each other’s arms. I keep my head as I pass by them. But Tina grabs my hair in a fist and pulls me towards her.

“Ahh...!!” I staggered back.

I try to free myself from her clutch. “What do you want now?” I glare at her.

She just shrugs. “Nothing.” Smirking, “I just like to pick on you, any problem?” she raises her eyebrows at me.

I clench my teeth so hard just to endure the pain at the tips of my hair.

“Common baby, let her be. She did my assignment, so we will leave her today” he kisses her lips, “you can always pick on her tomorrow.”

She lets out a moan as she lets my hair lose “lucky day bitch” She turns her back to me, hugging David.

I escape from there to reach my next class….

When the last bell rings, the day comes to an end. I let out a big sigh. Finally, college is finished for the day.

I collect my belongings from my locker and head for the job.

I work at a hotel as a waitress. The hotel is a part of the Ford industry, one of the town’s most prominent and most affluent families.

I know I got lucky when I obtained this job. I get a salary of 700$ a month. It covers all my tuition fees daily needs, and I can still save some bucks every month.

I enter through the back door to the staff room and get changed to my uniform.

A white shirt and a black skirt that comes up to my knee-length, black rubber shoes with low heels, and a bow tie are how my uniform looks.

I try my hair to a bun, and no jewelry pieces are allowed in; well, I don’t have one anyway, so it’s good.

I put on light make-up and get ready to serve the guests.

I’m allotted to deliver the food and drinks to room number 613, a VIP floor. I enter the lift “6th floor” I tell the person standing near buttons. He presses the button.

“Thank you,” I say. The person doesn’t reply, so I just keep quiet.

I noticed he looked like he was in bad health. I can see he is sweating. His neck is covered with beads of sweat.

I wanted to ask if he was okay, but I remembered that he didn’t reply to my thanks, So I didn’t want to push my limits, so I kept quiet.

When I reached the 6th floor, I bowed to the person inside. I stood like that until the lifts door closed.

Raising my head, I head towards room number 613. I knock on the door lightly “your order is here, sir,” I say.

Opening the door, I enter, pushing the food cart with me. David and Tina are sitting next to each other with a few of her friends, Katy, Catherine, John, and Jemmy. I serve them their orders.

They are all busy with their boyfriends when I turn to leave “where do you think you are going?” Katy stops me.

“I have served your order, ma’am. I’m just leaving so that you can enjoy your dinner,” I say politely.

This is the only good job I have had. I don’t want to lose it.

“I see then who will entertain us if you go,” Jemmy says. I pressed my lips, then I said, “what can I do for you, sir?”.

“Nothing much you just have to drink wine in this glass. You are free to go,” David answers instead of Jemmy.

I look at the wine glass in his hand. Tina is smiling at me with a smug look. I feel awful promotion in my heart.

I try to reject David’s offer. I’m sure they are up to something. “I’m sorry, sir, I’m not allowed to drink with guests. it’s against my work ethic”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle your manager. I’ll tell him I asked you to drink with us. He wouldn’t dare to say a word to you,” David says, taking his cell phone in his hand “who is your manager?”.

I panic if he calls Ms. Riya. I should forget about keeping this job.

Gritting my teeth, I refuse to tell him about my manager and take the wine glass from his hands “no need to call my manager, sir, I’ll drink the wine.”

I gulp the wine in the glass. When I finish the wine, I keep the glass on the table.

When I lifted my eyes, I saw Tina was smiling. The look on her face tells me that something is wrong with the drink. But I can’t do anything now.

I try to leave the room as soon as possible. Luckily this time, nobody stopped me. I leave the room and try to find a place to rest.

My body starts sweating, my breath comes in pants, my legs start to give away. I try to reach a safe place as quick as possible. I turn around to a corner. It’s an empty hallway nobody comes here, so I think this is the safest place for me.

When I move, I keep my hands on the wall to support myself, but suddenly, a door opens on which I’m helping my body. Due to a sudden loss of balance, I fall back.

“Ahh…!!” I close my eyes, waiting for the pain to come, but it never comes. Instead, it’s two cold hands that hold my body. My eyes are clouded, which makes it hard to see clearly.

The only thing I notice is the brown eyes looking at me.

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goodnovel comment avatar
She’s not 18. Is she in college or high school??
goodnovel comment avatar
HWY Life
needs a bit better editing but otherwise it's a good story
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
These people need to get a life. I do agree she should of allowed her manager to be called. They must of messed with the guard too

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