I've got her

Nathan's point of view 

I ran for about ten minutes before I decided to head back. I didn’t want to be far away in case I was needed, but I felt like a coiled spring all wound up waiting for answers. I practically ran into the woods after speaking with Michelle. I was at odds with my wolf; he wanted to rip her apart there and then, and I had to hold him back because if I hurt or worse killed her, we may never know where she took Quinn.

-Nathan, I’ve got her, heading to the hospital now- Asher mind linked me.

I raced to the hospital and saw both Amy and Emily standing outside with a patient bed.

“We don’t know how bad she is; he just told us he was bringer her here,” Emily told me quickly.

“He’s here”, Amy cried as she raced past me.

Asher held one hand up to
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
I don’t like how the book ended. It would have been nice to skip to where the kids were born or that Asher found a mate.. the rest was great!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanthale (talia)
I really like this book/story is amazing at how allot of good thing happened but still keep you in suspense and laugh at the happy chapter.
goodnovel comment avatar
Addie Villars
Very good reed

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