Chapter 08


“ This is harassment! ” I gasp, leaning away from him instantly.

“ There is no law and order for you. ” He mimics my tone, the smirk still present on his lips.

I squint my eyes, throwing him a glare. He is right about no law and order for me. He can do whatever he wants to me and no one will ever find out or care about it in the first place.

“ Eat before you faint again. ” He whispers all of a sudden, pulling away from me.

Going back to his chair, he slumps down on it and begins eating without sparing me another glance.

I look down at the pasta in my plate and pick up the fork to eat. I need energy if I want to deal with this mouth-watering Agent.

We both eat in silence. I keep my eyes fixed on him and he takes out his phone from his pocket while he eats.


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