Chapter 146 - A sin to hide perfection

She pumps him, dipping her tongue into his mouth, to taste and feel, and the world was spinning behind his ears. He wanted her in his bed. He wanted her now.

 He presses his forehead to hers, hugging her to him.

   Their bodies started moving as he thrust into her hand and she rolls her hips to meet him, both of them panting and kissing until he was just a bit ready to rip off her clothes.

   "No." He mumbled almost unsure especially as she continued to trail kisses down her neck.

  "No..." He let go of her breasts and pull her shirt down before taking her hand off his cock.

   He clenched his eyes shut. "Go, Maya. Go to your room and lock the door." He let out in a whisper.


   "Please." His eyes met hers hoping she could see he was struggling and was just about to break with a snap.

   "But what if I don't want to?" She pants, staring at his mout

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