Kimberly could hear him mumble something out.

If she wasn't mistaken, she heard him mumble,

"I don't want to die like them. I don't want to die the second time."


The taxi got to Dam-Ton company. Kimberly paid the man because Damien walked inside as soon as they got there.

"He won't even pay." She scoffed before going to catch up with him.

"Sir, are we still going to canada?" She asked.

"Yes. Call Mr Ben for me." He instructed while he headed to the car garage.

Soon, Kimberly came with Mr Ben.

"Mr Ben, When the Dantes come, tell them I'm out of the country. I won't be around till next week Monday. Don't turn my company upside down. If you do, a sack letter on your table is going greet you a good morning." Damien warned while Mr Ben nodded his head before going out of the garage.

Kimberly stepped forward and said, "Am I going with you?"

Damien gave her a strange look. He didn't answer her and she knows what to do.

She quickly climbed in the car and sat at the back of the car.

"So, I'm your driver now. You went and sit at the back." Kimberly shifted in an uncomfortable state.

"I'm sorry......"He cut her off.

"Can you drive?" He asked her.

"I'm trying." She replied.

"You're trying? I guess you're still learning how to drive." He scoffed.

"Can you drive like this car?"

"No sir. I mean it's too big. The last time I drove a big car like this, I nearly ran under a trailer with my colleagues but thank God we were saved. Though one of us landed in coma." Kimberly responded and came down from the car to the front seat.

"Or do you want me to drive?"

"Drive? No! No! I can't die the second time." He replied quickly.

Kimberly noticed his sentence again.

"Why do you keep saying that you don't want to die the second time?"

Damien paused for a while. He looked at Kimberly with a cold eyes then turned back to the steering and drove out of the garage without a word.

None of them say anything till they got to the airport and entered Damien's private jet.

Kimberly kept staring at her phone. The wallpaper on her phone. She smiled before touching her ring.

She's getting married in few weeks time. She was happy and worried.

Kimberly was worried that her fiance hasn't call her for about a week and half now.

She went to her house but was told that he had traveled and don't know when he will be returning.

And sometimes she'd call him but won't pick her call.

"I'm waiting for you, Nathan." She mumbled and fell asleep. Dreaming of how great her wedding day is going to be.

One hour, 37minutes later, she felt a liquid on her lips and licked it. It was sweet but when realization hit her, she opened her eyes and stared at his good looking boss who held a smirk on his lips. He was wearing a different cloth.

She blinked and sat upright. They've landed in Canada. Damien was holding a red wine in his hand.

Kimberly quickly looked down at her dress stained with red wine.

'This cloth is completely ruined by my boss' She said within herself.

"Helen!" He called and a young attendant appeared. "Take her and change her cloth. We are having a meeting in the next one hour." He spoke and walked out of her sight.

While Kimberly followed Helen to change her cloth, Damien stood outside. The weather was nice in Canada.

Maybe it's a good thing if he stay here for free days before leaving. With that crazy Secretary Kim.

He remembered how she was smiling when she was looking at her phone and touching her ring like she cherish it the most.

She must be getting married.

"Her husband is going to suffer like hell. But who knows if the husband is crazy too." He mumbled and turned around to see his Secretary in a navy blue gown that went above her knees. The dress has a V shape at the front and back. It was a sparkling dress.

Well, he could tell she look pretty in that dress.

She got to him. Without a word from his mouth, he walked further into the airport. They were welcomed by the business partners.

After another minutes of driving, they came down again and walked into an hotel.

First, they were taken to their room and of course their room were beside each other.

They came out again to fill their stomach with something and it was time for the meeting.

The conference room was large enough and Kimberly met about ten men in the room.

She looked around and turned out that she's the only girl in there.

"Good morning, Mr Damien." They all greeted him like he was the king.

As usual, he doesn't reply to greetings. He would rather wave his hand off to them.

He did that and sat on the chair while Kimberly stood up.

"Let's start the meeting." He ordered.

"Okay. Let's start but who is this?" A man in his fifties asked.

"Why do you want to know her? She's my Secretary! So start the damn meeting!" Damien banged the table frightening everyone.

"Yeah! Yeah! I'm very sorry. So, the goods from the U.K arrived lately on Wednesday and they need two companies to buy it. We discovered the goods........"

"Wait! Where's your boss? And where's the person that supplied the goods?" Damien interrupted.

"Actually, they are having a meeting. They will join us." Someone answered.

"Seriously!" Damien chuckled. "Don't say anything until they come. Let's keep looking at ourselves like this. And once it's 2:30pm, I'm going." He added.

The man checked his time and saw 1:53pm. He got up to go call their boss but Damien asked him to seat.

Kimberly watched amusedly as Damien commanded them like they were his staffs.

Well, she could tell that Damien is wealthier than them all.

They waited and it was almost 30 minutes but the two are yet to come.

"Sir, can't they start the meeting without the boss?" Kimberly whispered.

"Just shut up!" He snapped.

Kimberly suddenly gasped and looked around.

She was holding her stomach tight.

"What happened to you?" Damien asked with a frown.

"My red bomb just exploded." She answered as she winced.

"Red bomb! Where?" Someone asked.

"You can't understand." She replied.

Damien moved closer and drew her ear. He held it tight and whispered, "Don't tell me you're having your period right now."

"Unfortunately, it is."

"F*ck! Why did i even bring you?" He palmed his face.

"Sir, you can't blame nature. Just carry me to my room, I will be fine."

"With my hands. God forbid! Find your way out! I'm out of here." He walked out and slammed the door hard.

Kimberly turned to the others. "And where's that your f*cking boss and the supplier?!" She snapped at them immediately still holding her stomach.

"Why don't you go out and look for him. You're just like your boss. Rude and arrogant." A guy spat.

"And it's because of the way you run your mouth like tap water made you look ugly more than a gorilla." She insulted before the men could descend on her.

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