Chapter 3

Elizabeth Walters~

It's been a while that Hazel left for work, leaving me alone in the house. I wish I had the resources so I could leave this house for a few days. Every time I go to the room, I am reminded of Liam and Olivia.

I am trying my best to get the image of them out f my head which Is why I am now on my laptop, searching for a meaningful job that can get me $5000 in five days.

I sighed and got off the floor, walking towards the kitchen. I took out a cup and made a cup of tea for myself. I finished up and walked back to my laptop, crouching down to the floor while taking a sip of my tea.

There were actually no meaningful jobs that could fetch me $5000 in five days. Since I didn't get my degree, I could hardly get a proper job, I could only settle for being a waitress or something less, and that still wouldn't get me the money I needed to get these loan sharks off my back.

I sighed as I stared at the laptop screen. I could try searching for what Hazel was telling me yesterday. I mean, what's the arm in searching for being an escort.

I retook a sip of my tea and typed in the keyword for what I needed. I raised my eyebrows on seeing that there is actually a site fr escorts? I chuckled on seeing it. I would have never believed this.

I went through the site, looking through the many ads for escorts. Some were marked 'done' while some were still searching.

I wiped the strands of hair that fell to my neck as I refreshed the page. A new Ad was just posted at that same minute. I smiled and clicked on it.

I could try it out, I guess. I will take a look at the requirements.

I clicked on the Ad, looking through the post. Whoever left the post isn't looking for much, considering the number of things I saw on the site earlier.

It was a straightforward Ad,

'A beautiful lady, that will be available for a business dinner for tomorrow. night

Payment is attractive. contact us here.'

I copied the digits down and shut the laptop close. I looked at the number I had written down.

Can I really do this? Can I actually go for this and be an escort? Well. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it. Afterall I don't have any means of getting a job now.

I sighed and picked my phone off the floor, dialing the number. I placed the phone against my ear and waited to get a response.

'Hello." A deep voice says over the phone. I stood up abruptly, panicking on realizing that the person had picked the call.

"Hello, I um saw an Ad for on the Escort's site."

"Oh yeah, are you interested?" The man asked.

"Yes, I am, but how do I go about it?"

"Please send me a mail with your full name, picture, height, and marital status. The man tells me. I will go through it and get back to you if you fit the requirements."

"Sure, How do I get your mail?"

"I will send it to you after this. Please keep in mind that the business dinner is tomorrow, and if you meet the requirements, I will ask to meet you today so we can finalize."

'Very well, thank you." I replied and cut the call, Placing my hand against my chest to regulate my breathing. I had no idea why I was breathing so fast when I only spoke to the man on the phone.

I grabbed the cup of tea off the floor and gulped it down. The tea was already cold as it is.

My phone vibrated, letting me know the message had already been sent to me; I wasted no more time sending my picture, full name, and other things that he asked for to him.

I put my phone away walked inside to my room. I wanted to get everything that belonged to Liam and Olivia out of my room and my life. I want to be the bigger person and say that I wish them well, but NO.

I hope they suffer and go through the same thing that I had to go through. I don't pray they enjoy what they did to me. I wish them the very worst.

I began putting our pictures in a box, every one of them while the going was good. I emptied everything into the box.

It took a while, but I eventually got it settled. I put away everything we owned, everything Olivia gave me, well, all through our relationship, Liam didn't deem it fit to get me something, I would always play the caring and understanding girlfriend, I'd buy the things we would need in the house and even et him clothes to wear. I used I was doing the right thing because I was actually jobless.

I paused on hearing my phone ring. It took m a minute to realize that it was my phone. I rushed back to the living room, thinking it was the man from the site, but it wasn't.

"Ma." I could hear some shuffling noises over the phone. Yup, it is my mom indeed.

"Elizabeth, how are you?"

I stopped dead in my tracks on recognizing the voice. I haven't spoken to him in months, hoping when I o, it would be to tell him the money for his surgery is complete.

"D-Dad," I croaked out, my knees weaken when I heard him cough in an attempt to speak to me.

"How are you, sweetheart?" he asked me, I could hear the struggle to speak in his voice, and it broke me the more.

"I'm fine, dad. You shouldn't be wasting your strength talking to me."

"I miss you. Are you eating well? are you okay?" He asked me series of questions at the same time.

"Yes, dad, I am fine, and you don't need to worry about me. I will be home t see you and mom really soon, so hold on till then, alright."

"I will wait for you. Your mom wants to speak to you." He says I could hear the same shuffling in the background, but I cut the call this time.

Hearing Dad's voice just made me realize how much I missed him, my mom, brother, and sister.

I wiped my tears when I heard the phone ring, "Mom, you could have at least told me--" I blurted out without checking the caller ID.

"Miss Walters." The voice questioned.

I clasped my hand over my mouth as I realized who called.

'Sorry, there was a mixup." I tell the man.

"I have reviewed your portfolio, and I am okay with it. If you will be available, can we meet up in an hour? I need to finalize it today ." He tells me.

"S-sure, where should I meet you?" I asked

"Old-time square, saint beavers. There is a coffee shop opposite it. I hope to meet you in an hour. He tells me and cuts the call.

I heaved deeply, placing my hand against my chest to regulate my breathing. Is it really that simple? I didn't know what to expect, the person seemed to be serious-minded, but that's mon the phone, I wouldn't know a thing until I met the person.

I walked back to the room and continued with what I was doing. I eventually threw out everything that could remind me of Liam and Olivia.


Thirty minutes later

I am now on my way to the coffee shop. I tried to dress as best as I could with faded jeans and a top. Hazel would not believe that I did all of these while she was at work. I would gladly do it if it will help get these shark loans or whatever off my back.

A few minutes later, I arrived at the place and immediately located the coffee shop. It is located in a very discreet place which made me second guess this entire meeting.

I stood outside the coffee shop, staring at the sign that read 'Welcome' I could only hope that I was not making the biggest mistake of my life here.

I took a deep breath and exhaled, finally gathering the guts, and walked into the place. It was actually bigger than it looked on the outside.

My phone began to ring immediately I walked into the place, I reached into my bag and brought it out to see, it was the man calling e.

"Did you walk in? If you did, then please come to an end on the left." He tells me. I looked up, trying to locate the place he just said. My eyes caught sight of the person,

He looked totally different from the person I envisaged. I thought I would be meeting a man of forty years old with white hair. I don't know why I had that image in my mind.

Instead, the person sitting down looked extremely different. He looked like he would be in his late twenties. His blonde air looked like it had been brushed to perfection. He stood up as I got to the table.

I couldn't help but notice how tall he was, probably about 6'1 ft. he held out his hands out to shake mine, a curt smile laid on his lips.

"Good afternoon, M.s Walters." He says, gesturing at me to sit down, and I did.

"Good afternoon, sir," I replied.

"I will go straight to the point, so I don't waste your time. The business dinner is tomorrow evening? Night. Depending on how long it might take or when he chooses to leave. I will be providing you with your attire and basically get all of that sorted, all you have to do is to accompany him for dinner, and that's all. If you are okay with this, then we can move to the payment." He stated.

I tilted my head sideways. Did he just say 'he?"

"I'm sorry. you mentioned 'he?' is there a different person?"

"Oh yes, You will be accompanying my boss, but not to worry, he is quite easy-going ." He tells me.

I didn't know how to receive the information, I legit thought he was the one, but now, there is another person.

"Okay, It's okay. Can we move to the payment?" I say, and he nodded.

"I am not so familiar with how it works, but if you are okay with $1500, then it's a done deal."

I wasn't so sure if I heard well. He is willing to pay $1500 just to go for a business dinner? What must the dinner be about? Do they auction people there? Am I getting into something I will regret?

"If you don't mind me asking, is it just a normal business dinner? nothing else is involved, right?" I asked, and he nodded.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, I am good with everything," I tell him.

I could hear my subconscious nag me, I might just have put myself in some deep shit with what I am doing, but then again, it isn't as though I am not in deep shit.

"Okay, please give me your address, a parcel will be delivered to you tomorrow, and also a car will be there to pick you by exactly 7 pm. you will be getting half of your payment tomorrow morning, and the rest after you are done. If you are okay with what I listed, please let me know.'

I had nothing to think about as it is, so I nodded "yes, I am okay with it."

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Can’t wait
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I think the story is interesting even though there are some minor grammatical errors.

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