Chapter 5

The Billionaire’s Escort

Elizabeth Walters~

I took a deep breath as I stared out the windshield. I left the house a few minutes ago, leaving Hazel in after that making sure I could share my location with her.

I felt out of place even in the car, it was just myself and the driver, but I still felt extremely out of place. Maybe because I haven’t received the treatment I did today. I feel

Like a celebrity going for the Met Gala.

My nerves were on another level as it is. I inhaled deeply and exhaled. I smiled softly as I admired the place we just drove by. The real estate we just went into seemed like it was made for royalty. I had no idea if the dinner was taking place here because it had to be. I gaped shamelessly when the car drove into another estate in the estate. I tell you, there is an estate in this estate.

My eyes widened on seeing the house. I had totally forgotten there were actually rich people in this world. I was so obsessed with Liam that I forgot everything else.

The car stopped moving which I understood that we had arrived there. I let out a shaky breath as the driver opened the door for me to come out.

I legit had chills run down my spine. I stepped out of the car, and at that moment, I won’t even deny it. I felt like a celebrity.

I clutched my purse tightly as I looked around cautiously. The whole place looked like it was meant for royalty.

“Please follow me, miss.” The driver tells me. I immediately nodded, walking behind him as we walked into the building. My mind was going through different things as we walked into the house. The whole place made me realize just how poor I am.

We walked into a vast living room. It was definitely bigger than my entire house out together. I don’t even want to talk about the decor.

I felt ten times nervous than I did on my way here. “Please sit. Mr. Creed will join you shortly.” The man tells me and walks away immediately. Leaving me alone in this large ass living room.

I sat down on the couch as I waited for Mr. Creed while feeding my eyes with the house's decor.

I clutched my purse tightly even as I sat down, it’s been minutes, and still, I hadn’t seen anyone. Instead, I have been here sitting and waiting for Mr whatever his name is.

“Miss Walters.” I heard someone call out my name. I jumped out of the couch in fear stumbling forward as I did. I know it was an idiotic thing to do but in my defense. I was already feeling extremely nervous, and having someone yell out my name so fluently made me jump.

I bit my lip out of embarrassment, trying to collect myself before turning to see who it was.

“Miss Walters.” The person called out impatiently. I swallowed hard and turned around slowly.

Moving my gaze slowly to see who was calling my name so impatiently.

Whoever I am currently staring at is definitely not the fourth something, nor is he a sixty-five-year-old man. He definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.

I definitely was not expecting a man who looked like he just came out of a Calvin Klein magazine.

He looked like he would be about 6’5 tall, an extremely shiny and perfectly Ivy League copper brown hair was styled to perfection.

The aquiline nose he sported complemented his prominent cheekbones. Handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He has a subtle gritty beard that complemented his face. He looked like he was sculpted to perfection.

“Uh...Miss Walter’s, are you there?” He says again.

I realized what I was doing, and embarrassment is an understatement of how I felt. I just wanted the floor to open and swallow me.

“S-sorry, sir,” I replied.

He cocked his head sideways as he raised his eyebrows. I could tell that he was rethinking having me accompany him.

“Do I know you?”

My eyes widened as soon as he said that, know me? How could that be possible?

“I am sure you don’t know me. You probably have the wrong person.” I tell him, biting the insides of my cheeks to prevent me from speaking the more.

“Oh..okay..” he trailed off, still staring at me.

“Markel said he has filled you in on everything, and you are aware of it, is that right?” He asked, and I nodded.

“Good, please make sure to have minimal conversations, and if you face any issue, do inform me.” He warns, leaving me confused as to who would want to talk to me there.

“If you are okay with it, can we leave?” He asked, drawing me out of my thoughts.

I was already slacking off, and it’s only been a few minutes.

I bent slightly and picked my purse, smiling nervously at the man. He paused, drawing his arms out for me. I looked at him puzzled, wondering what I was supposed to be doing. I immediately linked my arm around his when I realized what he meant.

I swallowed hard as we began to walk out of the house. I felt a slight rush of emotions as we stepped out of the house to the already waiting car. I had no time to admire the car before getting into it.

I felt my tummy sink as we drove out of the estate. I guess, now, I will know what becoming an escort is all about.

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