Josh and I decided to eat dinner at a steakhouse and he made sure we got one of the more private seats, away from the main crowd where it was less noisy.

He intertwined our fingers from across the table and he was looking at me with eyes that seemed to be only for me.

“Stop looking at me,” I whined with a smile on my face and he abruptly stood up and leaned forward, kissing me on the lips.

The waiter who served our food cleared his throat awkwardly to get our attention and I was blushing so hard.

We spent the rest of the dinner, chatting and telling me about what happened to his parents. I can see in his eyes how happy he was that finally, his dad decided to be with his mom and never leave her again.

“Yoo-Mi, I have something else to tell you.” his expression became serious and I stopped eating, staring at him.

“What is it?” I asked nervously, sipping my wine, glossing over my own life.

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