'You were the one who kissed me. I'm only a man Yoo-Mi, who loves you, adores you, admires you and waiting for you to love me back. I'm sorry Yoo-Mi, I'm so sorry."

My hand covered my mouth as my eyes widened in shock. i had heard it from other people but to hear it from him just made me dizzy and make me want to puke every single food that I took in. My best friend, my very best friend who I trusted for a very long time did this to me.

"It was Jeonghan I was seeing when we did it." I whispered and he cried.

Nothing could've prepared me for the devastating pain I felt when he told me everything, or for the anger that had my heart constricting, making me think that it was going to stop beating.

There was an aching lump stuck in my throat, one that made it hard for me to even breathe. Not only that, but I also had to fight against my tear ducts, for I did not want to cry in front of him.

But the tears that I've been trying to hold now fell one by one, rolling down my cheeks
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