Mom and Mr. Yoon was standing on both of my sides while we walked at the top of the mountain. Who gave Jeonghan the idea to celebrate our wedding here? But I wasn't complaining though, it was unique and breathtakingly beautiful. The crystal blue sky was clear as the sun sets in the background, coloring everything on the horizon ombre with a mix of tangerine.

The walkway was cleared of snow, hundreds of tiny candles lining the green path. I felt tears instantly sprang to my eyes as I stopped walking, placing my hand on my chest.

'Are you alright, sweetheart?" mom asked in a panic.

I took a deep breath and sighed. 'It's beautiful mom, I want to remember everything."

Mr. Yoon chuckle reverberated in his chest as I adjusted the white faux fur wrap draped over my shoulders. 'It was all my son's ideas."

I smiled at him and I felt mom touched my hair, sliding a tendril of curled brown hair off my shoulder and gave me a watery smile. 'You look so beautiful."

I stopped myself from
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