Thirty Ninth Meeting

Edward was woken up in the morning by a knock at the door. He took a moment to realise that he was no longer in his bedroom in Switzerland, he was in the royal palace in Albion.

“Who is it?” he asked sleepily.

“It’s Bernadette, you have a meeting before breakfast at 8. I suggest you get up very soon.”

Edward groaned. No one had mentioned that the meeting would be this early. It was 7:00am now.

“I’ll get up,” he said sleepily.

He heard Bernadette’s footsteps fade away and he pushed away the bedcovers. If the meeting was about his marriage it meant Sebastian would be there. He persuaded himself to get out of bed. The plane journey combined with the awkward dinnertime the previous evening had exhausted him.

He had a quick shower and got dressed. His black roots were starting to show in his hairline again. He would have to ask if the royal advisors wanted him to have brown hair or his natural black hair. He wouldn’t mind going back to his

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