Fifty Third Meeting

Edward knew perfectly well that something strange was going on. Sebastian had been staying close to him since he had come downstairs.

Normally Sebastian wasn’t free to spend time with him during the day. He had seen the piles of paperwork in person so he knew Sebastian was a very busy person.

He had also noticed enough odd behaviour from his bodyguards to work out that the flower pot landing on his head wasn’t an accident. They had been too clingy at the hospital.

The odds of a flower pot falling on his head by accident were very low.

It couldn’t have been an accident and that was why Sebastian was keeping very close to him. His head twinged with pain and he decided he would analyse everything when his head was in a better condition.

He knew he was very lucky to have come away from the incident with no brain damage.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked.

It was odd to look forward to food at the palace after weeks of bland food. The fo

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