Diane threw open the cabinet in anger, bringing out a frying pan. She slammed it hard on the counter, then turned to pick up the bottle of oil. Turning around, she saw her sister, Malvika standing by the door. "Malvika, you can go back to the living room."

"I think you need some help. What do you want to cook?"

"I was simply going to fry a couple of chips," Diane replied with a shrug as she picked up a bag of chips from the counter. She walked the gas cooker, turned it on and placed the pan on it. "Why are you here?" She asked her sister, as she turned the cap of the oil's bottle and poured into the pan.

"Like I said, you need help," Malvika replied as she snatched the bottle from Diane's hand. She covered it and grabbed the bag of chips before Diane could reach out for it. "Let me help you," she said, tearing open the bag, picking out a handful of the chips and dropping it directly into the pan of hot oil. "So," she said. "Are you still divorcing Nicholas?"

"Malvika, if it wasn't cl
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