Saturday evening and Diane was nearly fainting from exhaustion. She was walking around the living room, barking orders at the servants and trying to make the decorations perfect. Two of the men servants had climbed a table, hanging a banner that boldly read, "CONGRATULATIONS, IT'S A BOY." Some of the servants were busy dusting chairs and tables.

Yeah, you guessed right. It was the baby shower today and Diane was literally obsessing over it. Every thing had to be perfect. Every thing had to be spick and span. She couldn't leave any stone unturned. It didn't matter that only the family was going to attend. She still wanted it to be perfect.

She turned around. "Varla!" she called one of the servants, who immediately came running to her. "Where is the cake?" she demanded.

"Oh, it's..... it's will soon be done," Varla stammered, taking a step backwards. Diane was usually a nice person but sometimes she was under stress or pressure , she usually snapped.

Diane frowned, taking note of
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