Chapter 107 - Tale of the cursed child

“ The what?!” Beta Xander reacted as he rose from his feet and look at the devil witch. All of us remains stilled as we heard what he just called Beta Xander.

We all know where he came from but hearing this is in another level of darkness.

“ Uh-uh. You didn’t know?” he asked, feigning ignorance about his rude behavior as he looked at our shocked face.

We didn’t know. The only thing that we know about is how he is the child of  a mistake between Selene and Apollo.

He looked at us and shook his head, exploiting his disappointment. “ You really didn’t know?” he asked and we nodded. “ Then it will be my honor to tell you,” he added whilst looking to Beta Xander.

“ Once upon a time.”

We snorted because of what he said. “ I didn’t peg you to be this classic,” Beta Xander rolled his eyes because of annoyance.

“ Okay. To cut the story sh

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