Forty four

Her two weeks ultimatum was soon coming to an end and they still hadn't found her mother. Catori sat on the swing, dejected. This was like the fifth pack that they were visiting yet there were no clues as to how to find her mother. From what she could tell, something must have happened to Liam's party, because Fenris was constantly on the phone with them but refused to let her in on what was wrong. She had not heard from Kasa and Kurt for days. Catori gripped the swing tight and cried.

For days, she had been holding in the tears for fear of looking and feeling weak. Finally, she let them flow.

"You know, you shouldn't be out here alone," she heard Amar say from behind her. She didn't bother turning around, the other woman sat beside her on the ground.

"Tell me, what's the problem?" the other woman asked. "Something must have made you cry." She offered some of her snacks to Catori, who declined. When she noticed that Catori was no

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