Forty nine

"Catori will be joining our new campaign guys," Mr Dalton said with so much enthusiasm, the redhead had to wonder if he was just a teenager in the body of an adult.

"The color campaign?" the Kasa lookalike asked.

"Yes dear," he replied. He then turned to Catori. "Why don't you all get to know her? I need to attend to some things now." At this suggestion, Catori's eyes went wide. They almost popped out of their sockets. Her insides shivered. The blonde girl looked at her like she had better things than spend a second with an animal like her.

"Okay," one of the boys said. To Catori's absolute horror, the old man left these people with her. The boys were about Fenris' height and even the girls were taller than her. The blonde girl girl scowled at her and left. The others followed behind her. Not knowing what to do, Catori followed behind them. Soon, she fell in step with one of the boys, he was the only who managed to

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