Twenty One


Sitting next to him became even harder than usual because I kept getting flashbacks of the sex, I bit my lips subconsciously and closed my legs shut because I knew the kind of torture I was experiencing.

He was looking hotter than ever, all I wanted to do was for him to rip off my clothes and bang my brains out.


"Ivy!." Jayden called.

I shook my head as I bounced back to reality, "Yeah?." 

"What were you thinking about?." He asked.

"Nothing..." I answered, he didn't believe me at first but he looked away and continued chatting with Avarah, his cousin.

"Are you sure, it's nothing?." Riley asked in an hushed voice.

I bit my lips again.

"It seems you want something." His hands went to my thighs to open them because they were shut.

His hands were in between and his touch s

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