Silvia Bernal and the Birthday (A)

It's my birthday? I pulled away to check my phone, it was really the second day of April. I'm sixteen!

I crushed Antonio in another tighter hug, excited.

"I'm sixteen!"

"You sound like you've waited a long time for that, even after you skipped two whole years." I ignored Antonio's teasing and got off the floor.

"I'm happy because I finally remember Jason and now that I'm sixteen, my Dad won't mind me dating some..." A knock on the door interrupted me.

"Uhm, Claire? Can we talk?" It was Jason. I made for the door but Antonio blocked my path. Great! They still had a beef.

"It's not about that, trust me." Antonio said in a whisper. "You've regained your memories, I have no reason to stay mad at him, it wasn't even his fault to begin with. I'm stopping you because you can't tell Jason you remember him. Pretend you don't remember him, I have a reason." That's crazy! I just hurt his feelings out there and two weeks ago, I was about to tell him how I feel about him, why do I have to stop now
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