Chapter 63 Something Interesting

Marzena Skierska yawned and stretched. With regret she threw off the remains of the sleep that had been so wonderfully pleasant... But she had no choice but to get up and get ready for work. Though young and though an artist, she was ultimately a responsible working woman.

Yeah, right!

“Miss Marzena, please get up now!”

This grumbling of the assistant was the most important reason for Skierska to get out of bed. Marzena was an owl, a person who goes to bed late and gets up late, not a lark. Practically every morning when she had to get out of bed she cursed in her mind her choice to become an actress.

On the other hand, in life one had to make some sacrifices to get something good in return.

Marzena summoned all her determination and not only rolled out of the bedclothes, but also started to prepare for her morning jog. After all, someone who sells their body on screen has to look like the object of desire to buy that body, and even someone as

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