Chapter 50

Sam's pov

Standing just out side the shower looking at my phone, Rilly sent messages wanting me to talk, so I did. Now my chest hurts, and Clark is hiding deep in the back of my mind, pissed off because what I said to Rilly. Then there's Mark. I know he's in my room I can smell him, but he's not leaving. I slide down the wall and put my hands in my hair pulling a little. I don't know what to do anymore I think to myself. Did you ever stop and think that warlocks have mate's to? Clark says. I never really thought about it untill now. Clark I'm sorry I- just go fix this, I miss my Rie. Yeah ok I say as I stand and turn off the water, then wrap a towel around my waist. As I step out of the bathroom I see Mark is stretched out on my bed. Mark, I say I got nothing. I walk up omy bed were Mark is laying down, Mark! Then with one swift move I was laying  in my bed on my back with Mark hovering above me, but for some reason I wanted to kiss him and I did. I can fill Clark lookin

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