Chapter 70

Rillys pov

As we are hiking on the path Dylan gets in front of all of us. Then not long after that he stopped and turned to look at Mark. So Mark looks at me then he walks up front to Dylan. What's going on? Then there voices are wispers, Mark turned to look at me and I can see he is on the phone. Sally, Becky and my self stand there talking, and waiting. Mark walks back to me smiling. So what was all that about? Mark just looks at me then he tells my friends to stay close to Dylan and for them to go ahead. They both agreed and walked up to Dylan. Mark what is it? What's going on? Rilly relax there's another wolf but nothing to worrie about. No worries! Rilly it's from Sam's pack, he said it's his gamma Zack. Sam sent him to help protect us. What? Why? Because Rie he is- then Mark stopped and looked at me, and said Rilly let's just go have some fun please. Yeah ok. Were is this Zach guy at anyways? Right now he's just watching us,he won't make his self known. Why not? I don't

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