Chapter 72

Rillys pov

While Mark kisses me and moves to my neck, he runs his hand down my body and was just about to slide fingers on my clit, when Dylan swim's up and says it's getting late and the girls want to head back. Mark then says he wants to talk to me, so Dylan swam back to the girls. When I asked Mark what was going on he surprised me when he said that he would like to head back, and that he misses his bed. I blew out a breath and said ok I'll talk to everyone at dinner. Mark kissed me and then walked me up the bank so I could get dressed. Mark! I can walk. I know. So let me down. No. Mark! Rilly. Mark then squeezed my ass. Hey you guys can we go now? Mark looked at Dylan and nodded his head. Mark handed me my clothes and said put your clothes on,we are being watched. Crap I breathe. Yeah. Walking back to the camp site Mark sends all the pictures to his phone then deleted them as well as the messages. All right man, here's your phone, says Mark as he tossed Dylan his phone. I

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Devona Jackson
Wow good book but please more of it please

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