"Didi, (sister) what will happen now? He is dead. Master will be very angry when he will see his doggy dead. What will we do?" Aakash, a young indian boy asked me as they all gathered around the dead demon. As they saw thick black tar pooling out of his body, we were sure we would soon be in trouble. And as the guard dog was dead, I knew that he would soon come and punish them all.

"We will see what will happen. Right now, it was necessary to save her life. She is our only hope. She can set us all free." I reminded them everything again. They were all shivering with fear. We just could not help it. He was a monster. And he used us for his dirty works. We were nothing for him but slaves he always used to get whatever he wanted.

Everyone sat on the ground and waited for him to come back and punish us. "You have been saying th

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