Chapter 23


I stared out into the night feeling a phantom chill race down my spine. My leather-clad hands were stuffed in the pockets of the black trench coat I wore. The sky was dark — not a cloud or star in sight but what else could I expect when I was standing in a city like this? The moon shone its silver rays upon us but even that was murky, the light being drowned out by the city lights that would have held a certain type of magic to it if it weren't something I saw every bitter day of my life.

What the fuck was I even doing here?

Apparently, I couldn't stay away. I woke up that morning after Miranda had decided to tell me the truth to find her gone. And I was genuinely okay with that. I went about my day trying to get at least a sliver of information about the people following me. However, I didn't want to involve either of my brothers which made things difficult. I didn't want to drag the cub into th

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Jennifer Johnson
which is unfortunate because she is talented
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Jennifer Johnson
be prepared to wait weeks. I'll never start another book by this author. she starts new books before finishing others. completely inconsiderate of her readers. PAYING READERS at that
goodnovel comment avatar
Kami Matthews
How often are the updates?

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