Chapter 14: The Three Princesses

After the passing of four more hours, I'd successfully absorbed the knowledge of every single book about beast taming, in the Beast Hall's Book Collection Vault.

  The fours hours I'd spent in the library, plus the one-second (two hours) in the Channel of Ancient Reality should have left me extremely tired. However, that was not the case. Instead of being weighed down by fatigue, my mind and physical body had rather been further refreshened.

  ‘Accepting the Acorn Master's invitation to the Beast Hall was not such a bad idea, after all,’ I told myself, after recounting all the events I'd experience.

  In truth, with my standing right now, I can easily brag to be more knowledgeable in the field of anything concerning beasts, and beast taming. One must know that, those books in this Book Collection Vault spanned across a hundred thousand, by estimation.

  It was true that humans had the ability to take in lots of knowledge without ge

Salvin Sawyerr

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