Chapter 24: Just A Punch

  “Does any one of you have the ability to fly? Please save Senior Bai before he looses his life by dying from such altitude!” one of Bai Xun's fans exclaimed at the flying Senior Bai.

  Dorothy immediately dashed into the air. It was only then that I realised that she was still at Transient Mortal realm pinnacle stage, a whole realm below me.

  “Tsk, tsk.” I clicked my tongue in disappointment.

  While I was still ruminating over my own thoughts, Dorothy had already covered the distance in no time. She displayed her thaumaturgy ability by making her spiritual essence visibly pump out of her body, overshadowing Bai Xun into something one could likened to a “force field”. After balancing the latter into the barrier, Dorothy flew down with him floating beside her.

  Everyone gave way as Dorothy landed.

  The elder from before, stepped forward and thanked her, before turning to look at

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