Chapter 26: Arriving the City of the Gifted, Arerat City; The Test

After two long, silent days traveling on air, an announcement finally echoed through our ears.

  “We have arrived Arerat City!”

  Voices of excitement from those around swept through the air. It indeed was exhausting doing nothing for over 48 hours. Plus, I really needed a good meal. Due to the reinforcement of my cultivation, staying for two days without food really was nothing. Still, that didn't mean I didn't yearn to taste something appetising... only that it wasn't for hunger sake in this context.

  After a large roar from the aerial savage beasts we were in, we finally began to descend.

  Looking down, I was more than awed to see just how grand this city was. When I thought the Desolate Grounds City was magnificent, I just had to discover this one...

  “There's always a mountain bigger than the other,” I muttered under my breath at an idiom I finally found application to.

  The fres

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