23- Exes


I walked back to where I had left Helena and Isabelle but couldn't find them so I walked out of the boutique and towards the parking lot to find them.

They might have waited too long in the store for me to return and must have gotten tired and decided to wait in the car. 

I got to where my car was parked in the midst of other cars in the parking lot to find out there was no one in it and the doors were still locked. 

I was about to reach for my phone in my hand bag when I remembered how I had left my bag with my phone in it on the chair I was sitting on in the boutique and left hurriedly to meet up with Ciara.

Frustrated by the fact that I wasn't with my phone, I turned around to go back into the boutique in search of them when I saw Helena at the entrance of the boutique holding two big shopping bags in her hand. What more could she have bought?. 

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