Chapter 8

I was standing in the bakery, holding Jamira's hand, then I felt a hot breeze against my skin. I closed my eyes for one second. When I opened them, I saw rock. I felt sick to my stomach. As I tried to gain my balance, I fell to my knees, holding my stomach. It felt as if my guts were being pushed up my throat.

“I feel like I might throw up…” I let go of Jamira’s hand. I slowly got to my feet, then looked around. There was a red sky, with a black sun, with a golden ring around it. It was like an eclipse. There were black rocks surrounding the whole area as far as I could see. I was standing at the top of what looked like a castle. The castle was made with obsidian. There was a pretty shine to it. Unlike my hair, the rock shined with a tint of gray spots all over it. The doors, a red tint of obsidian. From what I could see, we were standing in the yard of the castle. There were different kind

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