46-Rescuing the Luna


I could not keep Astrid back any longer. Before I could tighten my grip, she had ripped both vamps hearts out and busted open the cellar doors. She grabbed the beta both hands on either side of his face. I couldn't see what was happening because Astrid had her back to me, but then I heard the blood curtailing scream come from the betas mouth. His eyes turned white, and he started shaking. She threw him to the side and ran to Killian placing her hands on his neck. There was a flash of light, and Alpha silver tried to escape, but Maddox grabbed him and broke both his legs and wrists. He wouldn't be going anywhere. 

"Throw him in the other cell. I want to have some alone time with this monster." Astrid's voice was eerily calm and so creepy. Lucy was defiantly locked out. 

"Yes, Luna!" Maddox complied 

"Axel! Ellen! Find my mother." She screamed. After a few minutes, Killian's neck was healed completely. He was still covered in b

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