Chapter Fifty-Three


Goodbye day is somehow less dramatic than last time. It's just as heartbreaking for me, though. Mostly, we were rushing to get him to the airport on time. He packed while I took the trash out and made sure his flat was nice and tidy for when he comes back next. I don't think getting back to an empty, filthy flat would feel great after months away, so I dodidmy best with the little time we have.

He thanked me by snogging me against the door and offering me the keys if I wanted to stay here while he was away, and I batted them away laughing.

"Just trying, you know?" He said with his palms up as he landed another big kiss on my mouth.

I raised an eyebrow before pecking his cheek, "Like you don't know me."

We spent Sunday morning walking around the park, and then when the sun started showing, we went home for a slow fuck and then he was en route to the airport. There's something about him that's odd, I can't tell what it is. He talks the same amount as before, he looks at me and
Marie A. Ciner

one always KNOWS before you know, you know?

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