56. Short Training

In one corner of Devil Reign, there was a special area reserved for angels from Celestial Realm who attended the Academy of (Ashmedai). One of the residents was Louisa who was currently communicating with Archangel Michael. She provided detailed reports on what has happened around Felen.

"So you're saying that she turned down the offer to get rid of Lucifer, preferring to take the thorny path?" The voice sounded gentle, soft, and soothing.

"Yeah, I guess it's pointless persuading her again. It's better if we eliminate her so she doesn't fall further into darkness." Louisa's face turned gloomy and sad. All of that is not a pretense. He was really very sad because he failed to persuade Felen to leave Leon.

The figure in front of her looked just as sad as her. "Then I'll leave it all to you. I'm sure you know what's best for your first friend, right?" he answered understandingly, accompanied by a shady smile that made her eyes welled with tears.

"Very well, Archangel Michael." She wiped
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