Chapter Twenty-two


The fog in the streets made the drive to the library slow going, the density reflecting the headlamps to such a degree that Albert turned them off and used only sidelights.

Sitting forward, he peered through the windscreen.

“This isn’t normal,” he muttered.

“Damn right,” said Dennis. “Normal is a night in the Salty Sailor drinkin’ pints of Cinder’s Cider until ye can’t tell difference between the landlord and a coat stand.”

“How did we ever become friends?” Albert said.

Before Dennis could reply, a shadow crossed in front of the car, forcing Albert to stamp on the brakes. Dennis whacked his head off the windscreen and cursed profusely as he rubbed his forehead.

“Another piece of drivin’ like that an’ we ain’t goin’ to be friends much long after,” he grumbled.

“I almost hit someone,” Albert said. His hands were gripping the wheel, and he’d stalled the engine. “Guess I’d fail if this was my driving test.”

“That’s assumin’ ye ever took a test in the first
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